The experts shared the sad information about instant coffee

Эксперты поделились печальной информацией о растворимом кофе

Nutritionist and expert on food testing told, what it consists of popular coffee sticks “3 in 1”.

A detailed overview of the coffee drinks, which are sold on the Ukrainian market, head of testing Center of expertise “Test” Nina Kilda and nutritionist Svetlana FUS, provided comments

According to experts, most of the soluble coffee made from Robusta. For the production of sticks “3 in 1” rarely use freeze-dried coffee that has flavor and good taste. As a rule, these sticks are just 6-13% coffee. This means that the caffeine in them is only about 0.1-0.3%. Therefore, these drinks not are able to cheer up people.

But in the coffee sticks in excess of sugar. According to Nina Kilda, the sugar content of this product prevails. This is about 50% of the total composition. In addition to sugar present in the composition of the stick is often stevia and artificial sweeteners. And they are 100-200 times sweeter than sugar.

Real cream in the sticks is not added. It usually substitutes of plant origin, consumption of which leads to blockages. In addition, the composition sticks much flavor, emulsifiers, stabilizers and other additives that harm the body.

Svetlana FUS notes that coffee in sticks should not be used for people suffering from diabetes.

“And children up to seven years due to the large number of synthetic food additives that can cause allergic reactions,” said the nutritionist.

The specialist also added that regular consumption of coffee in sticks can have a negative effect on the liver.

Experts advise to give preference to natural brewed coffee and rarely buy instant drinks, especially with high sugar content.