The explosion at the ruby Boulevard and bribes patrol: week from lifeguards and police

Взрыв на Рубиновом бульваре и взятки патрульным: итоги недели от спасателей и полиции

In spite of the constant supervision by lifeguards and police departments, last week in the river region and was restless. Attention residents of the region was confined to a resonant blast on ruby Avenue. In addition, the week was memorable fires occurred in residential sectors and shelterbelts, bad weather that caused the emergency situation on the roads.

Read more about these and other incidents, said the press Secretary of GU gschs in the Dnepropetrovsk region Daria grechishev, the head a press-services of Management of the patrol police in the Dnipropetrovsk region Lyudmila Kopylenko and Deputy chief juvenile prevention DFC GUNP in Dnipropetrovsk region Serhiy Bidzilya. The spokesman summed up the week from February 24 to March 1 in the media center Informer.


Over this period, there was a fire 141, 42 of them – in the residential and 15 nonresidential sector. 29 February in a ten-storied house No. 40 down the street Amber switchboard lit up on the second floor. It happened in the dark – began at 21:30 and lasted about an hour. The people slept. Due to the big smoke and the tenants got scared and started to panic. Rescuers brought to fresh air of 13 people and saved 2 children – they are carried on the hands. Fortunately, the fire nobody has suffered.

A similar incident happened on 1 March in the street Agnes Barto – in the morning at 5:27 in a tenement house between the 5th and 6th floor fire occurred. As a result, the fire damaged stuff with an area of 10 square meters. Rescue service evacuated 15 people, saved five, including one child. Cause of the fire set, but I assume arson.

“For a person with just a few breaths of carbon monoxide to ensure that he lost consciousness and perished,” reminded Daria grechishev. She also advised the tenants of multi-storey buildings not to clutter up the hallways and monitor the electricity.

It is worth noting that warming has sharply increased the number of fires in nature last week, the rescuers went to 71 call. The reasons are connected with the attempts of people to burn waste and vegetation, thus bringing the orders in their yards. Press Secretary of GU gschs in the Dnepropetrovsk area is strongly recommended not to do this:

“Firstly, it’s illegal. Secondly, suffering and your neighbors, and increases the risk of fire. A fire can become uncontrollable and spread to the residential sector,” said Daria grechishev. A number of PE 4 people died and four were hospitalized. Managed to rescue 11 people, including three children.

The week was marked by complication of weather conditions. 24-25 Feb rescuers assisted the population – in most cases, removed fallen trees. Such departures was 10. In 4 cases, trees fell on vehicles, and once by taxi. This is due to the gusts of wind which speed reached an average of 25-30 m/s.

With regard to resonant events, then on 29 February in the ruby Boulevard 8-year-old boy found a piece of ammunition, which then exploded. The child received severe injuries was admitted to the intensive care unit at regional children’s hospital. Today it is known that his eye was struck by an artillery shell 45 hummingbirds. The next day, to study the place of incident sent a group of pyrotechnics. They checked about 100 square meters adjoining areas, but explosive devices were found.

Daria grechishev said a man who gave first aid to the boy it stopped the bleeding so the child survived. “And I want to ask teachers, parents not to neglect the preventive work and every time to explain to children: if you saw an unknown metal object, it can be explosive. Therefore, all found items, and items cannot be pick up and test. This work needs to perform a special service. If you suddenly found it, call for a line “101” or “102”” she said.

Unfortunately, mine safety in our region is quite an urgent problem. Statistics provided by the press-Secretary GU gschs in the Dnepropetrovsk region, shows a steady increase in the number of explosive items: if in the 208 year of service, destroyed 2653 explosives and ammunition in the past year, the figure rose to 3350. And only for 2020 (which is a little more than 2 months) pyrotechnics eliminated 85 of ammunition of various calibre. Among the main reasons for the increase in risk – illegal importation of ammunition from the East.

The press Secretary did not disregard the safety of maintenance services during the execution of earthworks. So, on February 24 in line. “103” the call came in – the team changed the sewer pipe when the landslide occurred. Two men who at this time were in the ditches and covered with earth. One died – he was too long without air. His body was pulled out by rescuers. Another worker was lucky – he was able to escape on their own. Refusing medical aid and hospitalization, the man left the scene.


Over the past week the patrol force made up of 2500 of the protocols, most of them – because of traffic violations. It in most cases becomes a cause of car accidents during the reporting period was 93 of road accident without victims, and 18 victims.

If not for the vigilance of the police, these figures would have been much more. 25 February patrol stopped on the Avenue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky of the Renault driver and discovered he had 2 ppm of alcohol in the blood. After certification of this fact the perpetrator has offered the patrol money – 10 thousand hryvnia. He was warned about criminal liability for attempted bribery. But the man did not pay attention. Patrol called investigative team to record this fact.

And this is not the only case of proposals “to resolve the problem on the spot” last week. On February 26 the street, two men sold a baby carriage and a sled. One of the passers-by called the police and said that probably these things had stolen from his neighbors. Merchants suspected of theft, was offered a patrol 1,5 thousand hryvnias for the fact that they were released and not prosecuted. The place was again caused the investigative team to secure the deals illegal benefit.

Out of the ordinary event occurred on March 1. On the line “102” the woman called and reported the missing car Range Rover from the Parking lot. The patrol began a search and found it on the street lubarsky. Behind the wheel was 18-year-old son of the owner of the SUV. The guy said that he took a car ride. He was diagnosed with signs of alcoholic intoxication. This was confirmed by examination, which agreed the young man. At a place called the parents of the young man and investigators. Amounted to administrative Protocol.

Lyudmila Kopylenko commented on the incident at ruby Boulevard. “Our school officers regularly conduct classes in schools about what not to touch strangers, unknown objects. In that school, the injured boy, last week held a similar activity. As you can see, the child does not remember and did not respond. And, therefore, encourage parents to talk with children about this topic”, – the head reported a press-services of Management of the patrol police in the Dnipropetrovsk region. In the rest of the patrol police has demonstrated its performance in the opening 15 thefts (half of the total number), 2 burglaries and 1 robbery.


The positive dynamics of police work compared to previous weeks – there. Reduced the number of reported crimes – from 1271 to 1,070 crimes. In particular, it has become less:

  • murders (their number decreased from 5 to 4);
  • theft (from 552 to 487);
  • theft (from 5 to 3);
  • assaults (from 5 to 2);
  • robberies (26 to 14);
  • extortion (from 4 to 1).

Also registered 11 seizures of weapons and ammunition, which is 17 fewer than the previous week. Reduced the trafficking of drugs on 20 occasions. The police managed to uncover:

  • 4 premeditated murders of 4;
  • 1 fact deliberate injuries 2;
  • 124 theft from 487;
  • 7 the robberies of 14;
  • 2 assaults 2;
  • 6 cases of hooliganism from 11;
  • 2 theft from 3.

But there is a flip side to the coin. A growing number of trafficking cases – from 0 to 3, and fraud – from 109 to 111 of the crimes.

Traditionally the last week of the passing winter on Shrovetide. On the territory of Dnepropetrovsk region held a 37 mass events with the participation of 12 thousand people. The order controlled the 381 police. However, violations of public order on them is not fixed.

On the line “102” received 38 reports of missing minors. All children found to be victims of a crime they did not. The issue of involvement of parents to administrative responsibility for improper performance of their duties.

As for the explosion in the ruby Boulevard, the fact brought in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations. The juvenile police are working with parents. Where the child took the shell, until the boy can not explain – because of the serious condition.

In gymnasium №11 Kamensky was a mass of intestinal poisoning children – 24 Feb for help of doctors asked 11 students. Seven subsequently sent for examination to the Dnieper. The exterminators have already taken water samples, which was used by the teenagers. Sergey Bidzilya said that after the perpetrators in this situation will find they will be prosecuted.

Взрыв на Рубиновом бульваре и взятки патрульным: итоги недели от спасателей и полиции

Взрыв на Рубиновом бульваре и взятки патрульным: итоги недели от спасателей и полиции

Взрыв на Рубиновом бульваре и взятки патрульным: итоги недели от спасателей и полиции

Взрыв на Рубиновом бульваре и взятки патрульным: итоги недели от спасателей и полиции