The explosion in Beirut took the lives of 73 people, injured more than 3,700 – Ministry of health Lebanon

Взрывы в Бейруте унесли жизни 73 человек, раненых свыше 3700 - Минздрав Ливана

The number of deaths in the explosion in Beirut has reached 73 people, injured more than 3,700 of thousands of people.

This was reported by TV channel Al Jazeera with reference to the Minister of health of Lebanon.

According to the Lebanese red cross, a lot of people were near the epicenter and in the houses damaged in the blasts.

Recall: two powerful explosions occurred on the evening of 4 August at the port of Beirut.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab asked “friendly countries” to help. Such assistance has already offered Turkey and France. Also about the willingness to help, said Israel, although the country is very tense relations with Lebanon, where a significant impact on the government is Hezbollah, which Israel considers terrorist.

Wednesday, August 5, announced a day of mourning in Lebanon.