The explosion in Lyon: the consequence does not exclude the “terrorist conspiracy”

Взрыв в Лионе: следствие не исключает "террористического сговора"

According to the latest data, the accident injured 13 people who were killed there. Police are searching for the suspect.

The Paris Prosecutor’s office is investigating the circumstances of the explosion on a pedestrian street in Lyon and do not exclude the possibility of a “terrorist conspiracy”. On Friday, may 24, said the Minister of justice of France Nicole Berube, reports radio France Info.

“The Prosecutor’s office of Paris responsible for the fight against terrorism, has opened an investigation under article “terrorist plot”, but you need to wait for the results of the investigation, entrusted to the Directorate of the judicial police”,? noted Bellabe.

She also stressed that it is too early to classify the incident as a terrorist attack.

According to authorities, the explosive device was not very powerful and the wounds of the victims were “straight and quite easy”.

It is noted that the police found the route that moved the suspect. According to records from surveillance cameras, he arrived by bike and left the parcel, which then exploded.

The man was wearing dark sunglasses, a black sweater and light shorts, age 30-35 years.

The President of France Emmanuel macron expressed support for the victims and their families.