The extravaganza with eight goals ended with the win of Liverpool against Chelsea: video

Голевая феерия с восемью голами закончилась победой чемпиона "Ливерпуля" над "Челси": видео

Голевая феерия с восемью голами закончилась победой чемпиона "Ливерпуля" над "Челси": видео

July 22, Liverpool faced off against Chelsea in the match of the round 37 of the Premier League. Defending champion Liverpool in a scoring shootout won.

Liverpool – Chelsea 5:3

Goals: Keith, 23, Alexander-Arnold, 38, Wijnaldum, 43, Firmino, 55, Oxlade-Chamberlain, 84 – Fat, 45+3, Abraham, 61, Politic, 73

One of the gates

Team very actively started the match, reports 24 channel.

Salah tried to create a scoring opportunity for a teammate, giving skilled transferring from outside the penalty area, but one of the defenders intercepted the ball.

A great opportunity missed mount. He found some space near the penalty spot and struck the gate with his head. The shot lacked power and accuracy, so the ball flew high over the crossbar.

Another attack from “Chesley”. This time James got a great opportunity to score. He shot from the edge of the box, but the ball whistled near the reception.

In the 23rd minute the score was opened by the hosts. Keith came to free the space on the edge of the penalty area and shot. The ball, then a shot, bounced off the post and hit the top corner – 1:0.

From “the aristocrats” could even the score. The mount scored, but Andre Marriner signaled that he wants to review the replay. Appealed for help to the VAR, the goal was disallowed, the referee noticed that a player of Chelsea was offside.

Alexander Arnold brilliantly executed free-kick, Curling the ball into the net just inches to the rod. The goalkeeper had no chance – 2: 0.

At the end of normal time the first 45-minute Wijnaldum made the score devastating. He flicked the ball into the net after it bounced right to him on the course – 3:0.

Willian leads the team forward. The Brazilian received an accurate pass in the penalty area and immediately struck. The ball flew into the middle of the goal, but Alisson demonstrated their skills and executed a brilliant save.

Giroud managed to reduce the backlog. The Frenchman was in the right place at the right time, picked up the ball in the penalty area and cruelly sent him into the net – 3:1.

More command is not mentioned in the first half.

Incredible shootout

Salah received the ball in the penalty area, but the ball after his inaccurate shot, flying away from the rod.

Less than 10 minutes after the whistle for the second half as Liverpool increased their advantage. Alexander Arnold got right hinged transfer into the penalty area. Firmino jumped above the defenders, struck the ball with his head, sending the ball into the left top corner – 4:1.

Very dangerous chance missed Salah. He found a free space in the penalty area and struck the gate, but one of the defenders brilliantly blocked his shot with a sliding tackle.

On 61 minutes, Chelsea managed a second time to upset the goalkeeper. Abraham sent the ball into the net from close range – 4:2.

Politics broke away from the guardian and took transfer hitch, but after his cannon shot from outside the box the ball whistled just over the bar.

Again politics of masterful one-touch treated impeccable lateral transfer, which was made by Hudson-One and struck a blow aimed at the top corner – 4:3.

Six minutes before the end of normal time Robertson passed the ball to the teammate. Oxlade-Chamberlain picked up the ball in the penalty area and quickly drove him into the corner of the net – 5:3.

This ball has a big point in this scoring teams in the shootout – 5:3.

A review of the match Liverpool – Chelsea


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