The eye of Ukraine in the war: “people’s mayor” of the occupied Horlivka Ukrainian scout

Глаза Украины в войне: "народный мэр" оккупированной Горловки оказался украинским разведчиком

The former “people’s mayor” of the occupied city of Horlivka Edward matuga Ukrainian scout. Now the man, whom the media has styled the eyes of Ukraine in the war, he returned to Kiev, where he met his wife, who had not seen for more than 5 years.

His wife did not know anything about the mission your husband, and at the beginning of the war, he moved to Kiev and all the time she lived with as she felt the huge loss, according to TSN.

Analysts of the Ukrainian intelligence already processed all the information about the crimes of the militants and the Russian involvement in the war in the East of Ukraine, which for 5 years was able to collect and send Eduard matucha.

Indeed, Edward is the man who provided us with all necessary information about the real situation in the occupied territories

– said the representative of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defence Vadim Skibitsky.

Site “Peacemaker”

Edward matuga was involved in the creation of the Peacemaker center, which collects information about militants and their accomplices. On the website was and information about him.

It “compliments” from “Peacekeeper” opened the door to scout for Russian politicians. The words “Edward matuga accomplice of militants, “people’s mayor” has allowed him to find supporters among the leaders of the “Communist party” of Russia.

A good idea was for me to create a website “Peacemaker” and to include me in this list. This has opened doors for me everywhere. And the mention of the fact that I was a people’s mayor, has made me the hero of the two “republics”,

– boasts matucha.

Leadership among Gorlovka militants

In may 2014 Edward Mutuku chose “the acting as the mayor of Gorlovka.” It was made in the best traditions of “democracies of the world” at a public meeting about a hundred people supported the “purpose” voting with your hands.

After its “purpose” the new “mayor” began to perform their first task from the Ukrainian intelligence – made devastation in the ranks of militants.

“Merstvo” led to conflict between Bezler and other factions, resulting in the release of strelkov to Donetsk. This artificially created conflict made possible the conflicts between the factions in the cities of Slavyansk, Donetsk and Gorlovka”, – said the scout.

Quarrels had weakened the militants, and Ukraine were given time to gather strength. Meanwhile, our man in Gorlovka did a brilliant career. Edward became the first Secretary of the party Committee “Communist party”. And began to make contacts with the Moscow – Communist Gennady Zyuganov and his party.

The involvement of the “Communist party” of Russia to the war in the Donbas

Ukrainian intelligence officer Edward matuga was able to establish the real role of the Russian “Communist party” in the Russian-Ukrainian war in the Donbas. The Communists have become for Russia a platform for coordination and support of militants in all countries, where she began the war.

Responsible person Kazbek Taysaev of Kucukovic. Is the person who is coordinating the “governments” of the unrecognized States from the State Duma of the Russian Federation,

– told matuga.

He was able to establish that one of the tasks of the coordinators of the “Communist party” is to deliver in the occupied Donbass of cash to militants. It was delivered by the so-called “humanitarian convoys” – with them was a car that brought in cash.

Taysaev was the first in the Russian Parliament, who showed the so-called petition of residents ORDO on independence from Ukraine. Under him twenty thousand signatures. Like going on a fake will of the people of Donbass, the Ukrainian scout saw with my own eyes.

According to him, he personally took the handle in both hands and signed with different handwriting styles and in different colors. Then, when someone came into the office, it is also asked to sign another.

Russia’s plans regarding Donbass

In the same way as signatures for secession from the Ukraine, after the distribution of Russian passports and the census of the population in the so-called republics, the occupants can apply plan B – the referendum on accession to Russia ORDO.

It will be another instrument of pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to seek Russian interpretation of the Minsk agreements or the law on the special status of Donbass.

There is a plan. On the background of the reconciliation process, many hope that Russia will not attack. But Putin has this card always in your pocket. Edward found such plans, and the Kremlin began to calm down.

“Last year planned restoration project “new Russia”. It was the war plans I received, the seizure of Kharkiv oblast, Odessa oblast and to create a land corridor to the Crimean Peninsula,” – says the scout.

Thanks Eduardo, we know the expansion plans of aggression. We know the plans of other units and associations of the southern Russian district against our country,

– told the intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry.

Глаза Украины в войне: "народный мэр" оккупированной Горловки оказался украинским разведчиком

Глаза Украины в войне: "народный мэр" оккупированной Горловки оказался украинским разведчиком