“The fact Ermak”: authors exposing video burned a motorcycle and threw a grenade in the car

"Дело Ермака": авторам разоблачительного видео сожгли мотоцикл и бросили гранату в машину

The authors of a controversial video featuring the brother of the head of the Office of President Denis Ermak, Dmitry Shtanko and Sergey Shumsky reported on the night of the attack is unknown, which damaged the vehicles of the defendants in the case. The Keeper lit the motorcycle, and Shumsky threw a grenade in the car, the magazine writes, “Babel”.

According to the Keeper, in the morning he was awakened by neighbors who noticed how the lights of his motorcycle.

“The motorcycle was burned. I called the police, arrived it is investigative-task force interrogated me. We found that there are several witnesses, now I’m going in for questioning. I believe this is due to the fact that we yesterday passed a polygraph test, there will be a conclusion”, – said the Keeper.

At the same time, Sergey Shumsky said that the same night, at approximately the same time in a car threw a grenade.

“I learned about it from the police, around 1:30 got a call at my door. They asked the owner of such vehicle and reported that there was trouble. It turned out that the young man who was dressed in black with a Balaclava on my face and approached my car, broke the glass on the driver’s seat and threw a grenade” – said Shumsky.

According to him, the unknown saw several residents, which at the time was on the street.

“The neighbors back yard and saw my car a grenade. The police were called, the bomb squad, came to canine service, the chief of regional Department of the police,” – said Shumsky.

He said that a check in the grenade left, so it did not explode. But it is difficult to say, it is a mistake of the attacker, his goal was just to scare you.

Themselves defendants in linked attack published “film Ermak”. “Such actions will have the opposite effect: we don’t close our mouth,” said Shumsky.