The failure of the Russian army: how badly the Kremlin hides its presence

Неудачи русских войск: как неудачно Кремль скрывает свое присутствие

Russian authorities have always denied their presence when we are talking about Russian soldiers in hot spots around the world. Only when the mercenaries of the failures happen, the Kremlin has yet to acknowledge its presence in Syria, or in Africa. And every time it find a ridiculous excuse.

So actually doing the Kremlin’s mercenaries in different parts of the world – my colleagues have learned.

Territorial waters of the United States, fighting

Fighting, which is not reported neither in the Kremlin nor in the White house, but only in a few media. Russian submarine reportedly entered U.S. waters near Alaska. It was intercepted by the American submarine. In response, the Russians launched a torpedo, which struck the hull of the submarine. Moscow and Washington are now trying to solve the incident. The details are secret, the press received only a rumor.

The Barents sea, the story of the submarine “Losharik”

To classify in Moscow tried another tragedy, which happened in the Barents sea. Russian submarine crashed, which killed 14 sailors of high rank. According to unofficial reports, the boat as-12, known as “Losharik”, could serve a new nuclear weapon Russian base on the seabed. Or performed the work of sabotage – for example, damage to submarine communication cables in several NATO countries.

There are more than 400 cables that stretch thousands of miles. The modern economy depends on these fiber optic cables: banks, insurance, financial markets. The Russians decided to attack them

– said the US Congressman, former-commander of the special operations Forces of the US Army Michael waltz.

What about “Losharik”? It is a developed modification of the Soviet deep-water stations of the “Cachalot” and “Halibut”. Launched in 2003. All of these stations to seven. The station was named as “Losharik” after the eponymous cartoon because of the peculiarities of the case.

Officially, they should do research objects on the ocean floor to raise the wreckage of ships, planes, satellites. However, they can also be used unofficially in sabotage or espionage purposes. For example, to attach to underwater cables, secret communications.


Cases of Russian military failures become more frequent. In September last year, Assad’s forces shot down a modern Russian military aircraft IL-20 15 military on Board. According to American journalists, the attack on the Russian plane put the same defense system that the Kremlin a few years ago was sold to the Syrians.

A Russian plane was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft missile system s-200 Soviet production. Russian authorities called it a tragic accident, incorrect,

– said an international observer from the USA’s Matthew chance.

Although Moscow officially say: “They are not there”. But under pressure from the international community, which has already cost Russia $ 50 billion over the last 5 years, Putin still had to admit the Russian military in Syria are.

The head of the Kremlin calls their actions are private and says that they are seeking oil and are not present there, and Russia.

They’re really present. But it is not the Russian state. They are not combatants. But at least they are addressing the economic issues associated with oil production, development of fields,etc.

– said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

But as it turned out, the war Wagner, associated with the Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, has sent thousands of mercenaries to Syria and even in Africa. Company Prigogine received permission to mine gold and diamonds in the Central African Republic and Sudan. There too Russia is supplying weapons and private military instructors in exchange for lucrative contracts for the extraction of minerals.

Among the men actively there was talk that the next party “vagnerova” can fly in the new African country of Libya, where Russian mercenaries have not been seen,

– told the correspondent of Russian service of BBC Ilya Barabanov.

More about what is happening in Syria – read it here.

But the SBU has calculated that the so-called private boyoviki – “vagnerovsky” is actually a secret squad of Russian GRU pechalnoizvestnogo.

First, the unit of Russian security services. Today we have all grounds to say that the unit of the Main Directorate of the General staff, known as GRU,

– said the chief of staff of the SBU Igor Guskov.

This is evidenced by the analysis of passport data. Most of the documents are processed centrally in Moscow the same unit that issued the documents Petrov and Bosilovo to implementing poisoning in Salisbury. Passports differ only in the last digits.

As if Moscow didn’t try to hide his involvement in the conflict, but the world has seen through this lie and is ready to give resistance.