The family of the first Deputy of IC SBU lit up in schemes, pharmaceutical smuggling, media

Семья первого заместителя ГСУ СБУ засветилась в схемах фармацевтической контрабанды, - СМИ

Smuggling of pharmaceuticals into the territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (occupied by Russia since 1991) companies are carried out, the absolute or partial owned by the wife of the first Deputy of the head investigative Department of SBU of Oleksandr Kravchenko, according to a investigation published online edition of the Realist.

Directly the initiator smuggling schemes is known for a number of other criminal proceedings the citizen of India, Jain Pradeep Kumar. And a company from the UAE, “Deni and Hemi” and “Tablet A”, which is owned by Yuliya Kravchenko is the wife of Colonel Kravchenko.

Kumar was involved in an open in 2015, GSU Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine pre-judicial investigation on the procurement of the MoH of Ukraine HIV medicines at a price that is five times higher than the market. The matter several times changed the jurisdiction, and then lost in the procedure queue, the newspaper reports.

The reason surfaced during the analysis of the supply of Indian pharmaceuticals under the mediation of Ukrainian dealers in PMR. Recall that the Moldovan legislation provides for import to the territory of the country only was the government of pharmaceuticals, while on the territory of Transnistria, this condition is ignored.

In particular, in the supply chain were legal entities owned by the family of Deputy head of IC SBU, in particular, OOO “Tablet A”, which is 90% owned by his wife, Julia Kravchenko.

Also Julia Kravchenko founded the FLP, through its group of companies on crisis management, and for cash flow management owns a closed non-diversified venture investment Fund “South-Developent”.

Registered address of LLC “Arta property Management” associated with American speculators Alex Marder and Yuri Kaplun, known for scandal with the withdrawal of funds from the liquidated Bank “Kreditprombank”, said the Realist.