The famous composer died tragically: “monster grabbed his neck and…”

Известный композитор трагически погиб: «монстр схватил за шею и...»

The famous French composer died a horrible death during your trip in Canada within the framework of the cultural project

The actor was traveling with his girlfriend, who notified the police and local authorities about the incident.

The tragedy occurred on the night of August 15 in Canada with French composer Julien Gauthier. He was attacked by a grizzly bear. Gaultier with his girlfriend photographer and biologist Camille Toscani had planned to raft for a thousand miles down the Mackenzie river in the framework of the project “Canoeing in the great canadian North, sounds, pictures… and a cello!”, according to the publication France Musique.

Couple at night, pitched tent and went to sleep.

Sleeping 44-year-old musician suddenly attacked by a bear. A huge monster grabbed the composer by the neck and dragged into the woods.

Gauthier’s body was discovered the next day. To help him already could do nothing.

Note that the composer graduated from the National Conservatory of music and dance in Paris, taught history and music analysis at the Conservatory of Gennevilliers. Gaultier also collaborated with the Symphonic orchestra of Brittany and the Paris Philharmonic.

As we wrote earlier, died a famous musician ange Didier Huon – he has performed under the aliases DJ Arafat and Arafat Muana.

The singer got in a terrible accident the night of August 12, in the city of Abidjan is côte d’ivoire. At the time of his death he was 33 years old.

It is known that the musician crashed on his bike – he smashed into a car on the road. The scene of the accident actor was taken to the hospital, but the unconscious singer died in intensive care.

Ange Didier Huon was born on 26 January 1986. At various times he worked as a DJ and singer. He is considered one of the most popular African artists in French-speaking countries, the contractor was one of the brightest representatives of a new direction of dance music that originated in côte d’ivoire, the so – called “coupe-decale”. During his career, the artist has released 11 Studio albums.

It is noteworthy that his famous video for the song “Moto Moto” for the day on YouTube gained over a million views.

Известный композитор трагически погиб: «монстр схватил за шею и...»

Известный композитор трагически погиб: «монстр схватил за шею и...»