The famous singer almost died in childbirth

Известная певица едва не умерла при родах

Valentina Legkostupova told us about his first difficult birth.

The actress shared intimate details about the birth of his first child. Valentina Legkostupova said that he could die, when the light appeared, her daughter Annette. For the life of the singer’s doctors had fought for several hours.

Annetta was born to the famous singer in 1991. Then Legkostupova had to temporarily leave the scene to raise her first child. Now Valentine says that he was fully immersed in motherhood. Daughter went to the artist very hard.

During childbirth, according to the singer, all the reasons she had to die. Then for the life Legkostupova fought for eight hours, says “StarHit”.

“My grandfather, God rest his soul, was an absolute atheist, fell to his knees before the icon and prayed for the first time. Maybe he begged for my life, my angel, ” said Valentine.

We will remind, the father of Anneta was musician Igor who was older than Legkostupova on for 16 years. Artist of this fact did not bother, but their marriage still didn’t last long. Three years after the birth of her daughter they divorced, Igor. The initiator was the artist herself. Valentine was unable to forgive her husband cheating. Then the separation, the singer experienced a fairly quiet. As she said earlier on “the Destiny of man”, her husband at the time of the breakup, she already disliked.