The fan was thrown at the referee with a chair to the match, “Volyn” – “Karpaty”: photo

Болельщик бросил в арбитра стулом на матче "Волынь" – "Карпаты": фото

Match playoff for the right to play in the Premier League of Ukraine between Volyn and Karpaty was interrupted in stoppage time.

Lviv “Karpaty” won Lutsk club with the score 3:1, which guaranteed “the lions” conservation in the Premier League.

At the end of the match between the teams there was a fight that decided to step fans.

A significant number of people ran onto the field to sort things out. One of the fans threw a chair in the direction of the arbitrator Maxim Kozackoe.

Болельщик бросил в арбитра стулом на матче "Волынь" – "Карпаты": фото


After that, the team of arbitrators, headed Kozyrakis ran into podtribunnogo room. Information about what the strike is finished or not.

The match was interrupted in the middle of the second half due to the fact that fans began to burn fireworks.

In the other match “Kolos Kovalivka” beat “Chernomorets” and for the first time in history came in the Premier League.