The fans demand to replace the actress playing Captain marvel

Фанаты требуют заменить актрису, играющую Капитана Марвел

The Network has a petition addressed to the leadership of Disney, with the requirement to replace the actress brie Larson, who plays the marvel superhero Captain marvel.

The petitioners insist that Larson needs to be replaced with a black actress with a homosexual orientation, that is, instead of the character Carol Danvers appeared character Monica Rumbaugh.

Also, the creators of the petition are calling “not to pander to the whims of heterosexual white men that control the Disney”.

The petition has already been signed by 27 thousand people, but disney management has yet to respond.

Note that it was recently officially announced the launch of “Captain marvel 2”. It was also reported that the original Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will return to his duties, that is, the sequel will be another Director.