The FAS explained the rise in food prices the development of production

ФАС объяснила рост цен на продукты развитием производства

Deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia (FAS) Andrey Tsyganov explained why the price of food must rise.

“It is clear absolutely that bad for the consumer when prices are rising. But the consumer also needs to understand that if prices are all-time low, the development will be. The manufacturer needs to obtain an adequate profit to be enough in order to keep their manufacturing and most importantly, to develop it,” said Roma, who was quoted by RIA Novosti.

He called the decline and rising prices “normal”. In this regard, according to the representative of the FAS, the attention of the authorities much more attracted to the situation when the prices kept at the same level as this “may point to cartel collusion”.

“Now, if this price has not changed, that’s when the FAS arose the need to look closely at this situation – if there are signs of collusion on price fixing or a monopoly, which in a state to unilaterally determine the price of goods,” – said Deputy head of FAS.

According to Rosstat, the price of meat and poultry in the past year grew by 9.7%, onion – by 25.9%. The official explained that active development has grown in recent years.

“In terms of a functioning economy, a natural consequence of this was lower prices. Therefore the consumer within the past two years rejoiced in the fact that we have reduced the prices of egg, chicken. The price of pork, by the way, also fluctuated in the desired user direction. It is clear that this situation cannot continue indefinitely. It is clear that these companies have to repay loans that they took on the development of production. In General, in a loss no one is not going to work,” concluded Tsyganov.

Earlier, Rosstat recorded the highest economic growth over the past 7 years.