The fastest athlete on the planet did a race in zero gravity: the video – Techno 24

Найшвидший легкоатлет планети влаштував забіг у невагомості: відео - Техно 24

The fastest man on earth, Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt, who has set 8 records on the Earth, now prepares for the race in space.

Thus, the athlete made a race in a state of weightlessness.

Bolt took part in a space race onboard the special Airbus Zero-G, space which simulates weightlessness for scientific research.

Along with the athlete competed two more astronauts. And even in zero gravity, the Olympic champion was faster.

Who is Usain Bolt? 9-time Olympic champion and 10-time world champion. For your skills, the athlete was nicknamed “Lightning”. It is called the fastest man in the world.

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