The fate of the property Klimenko and media Kurchenko, interview with the President of ARMA

Судьба недвижимости Клименко и СМИ Курченко, - интервью с председателем АРМА

What happens to the assets that are associated with ex-the Minister Oleksandr Klymenko and oligarch Serhiy Kurchenko, were there any stolen in the Agency search and management of assets (ARMA) documents as reported in the interview channel 24 head of the Executive authority of the Anton Yanchuk.

Best management

Tell us about the situation in respect of the property of the ex-Minister of incomes and fees Klymenko?

We transferred a property belonging to several persons, which is considered to be the property of ex-Minister of income and fees Alexander Klimenko. However, among them there is none that belonged directly to him as an individual.

Part of this property had already been abolished arrests. In particular, some vehicles, property, money. Some property transferred in control, some – no, because no one was governing.

From that property which is associated in the media with Mr Klimenko, ARMAGH handed over management of three floors of the capital’s business center “Gulliver”. The Manager there hired guards. As of November 5, 2019 Trustee due to management fees offset all costs for the management and listed in the budget income in the sum more than 7 million hryvnias.

What is ARMA?

ARMA – Agency for search and management of assets. The Agency is mandated to identify and track down assets, that is assets that can be seized in criminal proceedings. On the basis of a court decision, ARMA manages assets seized in criminal proceedings, with the aim of maintaining or increasing their economic value.

Also, is the 64 apartments in the paid term of use 60.

At the beginning of November 2019 managing the revenues from the management of compensated and all expenses listed in the budget income in total more than 146 thousand hryvnias.

Is this the property would bring more money to the budget?

Assist in the management of seized residential real estate – not so profitable business. The Manager need to find such tenants, which will be ready in three days to leave. After all, if there is a court decision, which canceled the arrest taken in asset management, ARMA within three days returns to its rightful owner.

Moreover, the profitability falls in terms of physical resistance of the individual. Sometimes the tenants open the door for an unidentified person. After this, the Manager has to install new locks, make repairs and to look for new tenants. Together with the need to spend money on housing maintenance and the spread of negative information about this property – all these circumstances is not the best way affect the rent. However, we are confident that the market there are always companies that can manage better than those that currently govern.

Therefore, taking this opportunity, we invite companies who can, know and want to manage residential real estate to cooperation. ARMA ready to consider any proposal, in particular, for the management of residential properties.

What is the fate of media assets Kurchenko?

Under this name the media often refers to the assets of the Ukrainian media holding. Again, it should be noted that in the framework of the management of the seized property ARMA is not authorized to establish the ultimate beneficiaries or controllers of such property. The same can be said about the assets of the Ukrainian media holding (UMH).

Indeed, the assets or part of assets consisting of, UMH transferred to judicial decisions in the management of ARMA. As for the assets in the part of UMH, now they are in the preparatory stage of development.

Since this is a working business, so for us, before taking further steps, it is necessary to perform (properties, characteristics, composition and structure, etc.).

Who went in for questioning in the GPU relative to the assets Kurchenko, see here:

So, Ukrainian media holding will be put for sale?

ARMA sent about 80 different queries to government agencies for complete information on this asset.

After receipt and analysis of all information authorised to determine further ways of managing these assets. From what is known now, in preparation for this interview, contingent assets in the composition of the UMH suitable for commercial use, and therefore priority control provides for their transfer to the management of the contract and not a sale. If these circumstances are confirmed and will be issued relevant decisions in a short time expect a wide competition in search of managing media assets.

Allegations of corruption

Recently, the acting Minister of justice accused of ARMA in the protection racket of corrupt schemes. Supposedly you were to sell assets and properties at prices significantly below market. The investigation is ongoing?

A headline we all read in the “Ukrainian truth”. It is an editorial interpretation of the words of the Minister, who did not say that.

That said, the Minister of justice about the work of ARMA – there are several markers that we can only agree. In particular, the first marker – in ARMA there are two options of action concerning the seized property: transfer it to the management, or selling. The assets are to be managed so that it generates income. This money should cover the cost of its maintenance be paid to Villa Manager and still had the rest of what would be transferred to the state budget.

Accordingly, if the seized property cannot be transferred to the management (safety, incomplete, etc.) – ARMA can only sell it. We may hold it until the moment of transfer to the Manager or to the implementation. We have no right to keep the property as an independent control method. So pass on the implementation. This causes a public resonance, ARMA allegedly engaged in abuse. In fact, we have no other choice.

The Prosecutor and the court should be aware of. If the arrest is sufficient that the property will not go away, it makes no sense to transfer it to the management. Was talking about the Minister of justice.

In ARMA 28 Oct discovered missing several dozen important documents. What will happen to the assets which they were?

On this occasion it was assigned to the investigation. Part of the documents is found, and not found the part is restored. Nothing catastrophic has actually occurred. We deliberately first published information about the absence of documents, because outwardly it was very similar to the planned provocation. Therefore, we can expect a “drain” on the absence of documents from the other.

Assume that the disappearance of these documents may be a provocation to further the creation of artificial negativity around ARMAGH. After all, one of the missing documents has already appeared in color on the website, “ANTICOR”.

Therefore, the version of unfair provocation confirmed. According to the results of official investigation, likely to contact the authorities. It all looks like a deliberate, focused pressure on a body and its head to create artificial obstacles to the activities of ARMA and discredit in front of the bodies of control and audit in the conditions of the four audits.

Now comes the external audit of the activities of ARMA auditing company, began checking the chamber. In November, the planned evaluation of our performance leader in the Secretariat of the Cabinet. Also, the government and Parliament are working on the creation of the Committee on foreign control of ARMA. I am convinced this is the best time in order to discredit us, and do stakeholders. The owners of seized assets under management of ARMA and the people whose property is sought by the Agency have realized how uncomfortable could be the emergence of Agency in their lives. Someone has resorted to legal appeals, and someone – to the illegal undermining of government authority and its Chairman. It would be strange if it didn’t happen. Therefore, the current information attack and sabotage seem rather natural than extraordinary.

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Судьба недвижимости Клименко и СМИ Курченко, - интервью с председателем АРМА

Судьба недвижимости Клименко и СМИ Курченко, - интервью с председателем АРМА