The father of 7-year-old son tried to cross the Blue lake, one drowned, the second – in the intensive care unit

Отец с 7-летним сыном пытались переплыть Голубое озеро: один утонул, второй - в реанимации

Sunday, may 19, at Blue lake in Yelyzavetivka drowned man, and almost went under the water his son. For the life of 7-year-old boy now fighting doctors. Previously, male, born in 1979, along with her 7-year-old son was vacationing on the shore of the Blue lake and decided to get to the crow’s Peninsula, crossing part of the reservoir. As it turned out, both overestimated their strength is half way to land the man started subnote and in the end went to the bottom.

Floundering in the water boy who was clearly panicked, saw the campers and immediately rushed to help. He managed to get ashore, but the child has swallowed water. Now he is in intensive care 7-hospital Kamensky, for his life doctors fight. The man could not be saved – divers found the body of the drowned a few minutes after the incident. We Express our sincere condolences to the family.

Author: Alexander Strokina