The FBI began an investigation concerning the victims cryptocurrency exchanges QuadrigaCX in USA

ФБР начинает расследование относительно жертв криптовалютной биржи QuadrigaCX в США

The investigation goes outside of Canada because the U.S. agencies take a hostile stance on the cryptocurrency activity.

The activities of the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchanges QuadrigaCX, which in the course of the trial provided incomplete and not all the answers in Canada, will now be investigated by the FBI. The Agency collects the testimonies of U.S. citizens who suffered losses on the stock exchange.

In the history of exchanges QuadrigaCX is not enough for transparency. In the end, the monitoring company Ernst & Young (EY) have been unable to detect any significant amounts of cryptocurrency in the exchange’s wallet.

FBI involvement means that bankruptcy is not the only investigation, and QuadrigaCX will probably be prosecuted. A criminal investigation against the exchange will be held for the first time in the history of cryptocurrencies, which potentially can lead to the fact that more government agencies will review transactions of the block chain.

Form FBI is sent?? to deepen the study of personal accounts of the exchange, including damage and other activities such as withdrawal. Filing forms may include further questioning by the FBI.

The participation of the United States government Agency revived the issues associated with the bankruptcy of QuadrigaCX. The strange circumstances surrounding the death of Gerald Cotten (Cotten Gerald) in India at the end of 2018 raised doubts that perhaps the founder staged a sophisticated Scam. At least the FBI’s investigation raises many questions concerning the QuadrigaCX account, as well as his behavior and save scriptaction.

Likely that QuadrigaCX have lost $170 million to $190 million in the cryptocurrency, which has led to huge losses as the price of BTC rose from lows in January.

This is not the first case when us regulators are forced to work with the international digital exchanges. In recent weeks the new Zealand stock exchange Cryptopia initiated bankruptcy proceedings in the United States to protect information about its database and will potentially be able to compensate the losses of traders.