The FBI has announced the app as a potential threat counterintelligence USA

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has officially declared that the Russian are considering any app, including the program to convert the face FaceApp as potentially dangerous to the United States ‘ counterintelligence.

A comment was left in response to the request of the minority leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer. He previously expressed concerns about the possibility of leaking user data through the program FaceApp created by the Russian company Wireless Lab, from USA to Russia.

In addition, Chuck has urged all US citizens to immediately remove this utility from their gadgets.

Review FBI

The FBI is considering any mobile application or similar product, developed in Russia as a potential threat to the secret service, based on data collected by product, privacy policy, terms of use, as well as the legal mechanisms available to the Russian government that allow access to data within Russia,
– said to the FBI.

Not only the Russian application is of concern to the FBI. Serious concerns intelligence officers causes and Chinese TikTok installed over a billion times.

What is FaceApp?
This app, powered by artificial intelligence. It uses the user’s photo. The neural network can turn a man into a woman or Vice versa. And change the color of hair, skin, make them smile.

This year the developers added a new feature that shows how a person will look like in old age. The last update resulted in a flurry of popularity of this app.

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