The festival of geisha in Rome

Фестиваль гейш в Риме

Known throughout the world of the geisha – female entertainers rarely leave their native Japan, but as an exception to the four of them decided to visit the festival of geisha in Rome, thereby presenting a foreign audience their skills.

In Japanese “geisha” means “person of art”, since their main job is to entertain guests by means of showcasing their talents of singing, dancing, conducting a tea ceremony and a simple conversation on any topic.

One of the guests of the geisha – world anthropologist from Melbourne Fiona Graham. Initially she became a geisha of academic interest, and then decided to spread Japanese art around the world.

My youngest client was a year and the oldest is 100. Among them both men and women from around the world. They are all very different, “- said Graham.

Almost two centuries of culture geisha, with her black, perfectly coiffed hair, alabaster skin, red lips and clad in a kimono, has long been a source of intrigue. Traditionally, Japanese society is divided circles, from-for what the wives of the Japanese could not attend banquets with colleagues, this stratification gave rise to the geisha — the women who were not included in the inner family circle. The “Golden age” of the geisha came in the second half of the 19th century, in those days they were real stars, Muse to many poets and artists.

At this moment, a traditional Japanese art dies, geisha throughout Japan, there are not more than a thousand.

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