The feud Zodiac sign. With whom you are not on the way

Вражда по знаку Зодиака. С кем вам не по пути

Have you ever noticed that with some people we converge easily and quickly find a common language, while other can not stand. I think it’s specific to the person and his behavior? But astrologers say that their friends and enemies we choose the sign of the Zodiac!

Just a man that does not coincide with us in nature and do not have common interests, a priori can not be friends. Relationship with him often end up misunderstanding and even hostility. In this regard, particularly interesting, with whom our ways according to the sign of the Zodiac, and who is likely to be a us enemy than a friend? Let’s face it.


The representatives of this sign – the sharp personalities which all decisions are made on the fly, guided by very pragmatic considerations. In this respect, slow Fish and slow on the uptake Taurus they are not exactly friends. And the people whose decisions are largely dependent on feelings, Aries can not stand, considering it a weakness. In this respect, Crayfish, Scales and the same Fish, ward Mars clearly not on the path. Overall, Aries respects people who demonstrate his power. To everyone else he treats with the easy share of neglect.


This man is very important to be loved and respected. If the Calf is treated with indifference or neglect, he will give a similar reaction. So with the daring Aries, Gemini and Aquarius, Venus ward, as a rule, finds points of contact. Hard he has with people and overbearing, like Leo or Scorpio. Taurus hates it when he is forced, and very painfully reacts to any attempts to belittle it. In response, he gives such an angry reaction that in addition to the hostility these people have no feelings.


Twins are unique individuals. Outwardly good-natured and easygoing, they can so quickly forget the people and all the good that they did that alienate even the best of friends. In this respect, the Twins may start to quarrel with almost anyone. Especially often it happens because of gossip, who likes to propagate the Twin. Really strong personalities ward mercury is afraid, but because most of his foes become Cancers and Sagittarians. In addition, Gemini can’t stand boring people and acting on a clear plan, so, with the Goats and Virgins to these people is simply uninteresting.

If everything in this world is depended on the Cancer, he would live with others in peace and harmony. But the world is cruel, and therefore strong and tough personality don’t even notice how his behavior hurts the child of the moon in the heart. That is why Cancer is never an enemy, but many take offense. Most often this man’s soul hurt, a sharp Aries and Gemini. Generally with narcissistic people, this man is understanding, and because of Scorpions and Lions representatives of the sign Cancer, usually do not get along.

Most individuals of this sign suffer from delusions of grandeur, and therefore does not tolerate people who are into something superior. In this respect, Lions are not easy to find mutual understanding with Aries, a Virgo and an Aquarius. But if in the ensuing confrontation, the lion will lose to his opponent, he automatically became his fierce enemy. In practice, Scorpio and Capricorn may be precisely those individuals that will receive their share of hostility from the terrible Lion. And all this despite the fact that personality-driven by the Sun, are among the most friendly of all creatures. A paradox, isn’t it?


Virgo mandatory too individuals who live on a strict routine and one they are aware of the schedule. For this reason, the wards of mercury absolutely does not get along with people is optional, which is always late, not fulfilling promises or leave behind chaos. So the representatives of the elements of the Earth is difficult to find a common language with Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. Frankly, Virgos are generally difficult to contact with others, because these people maximalists too high and raise the bar of their own environment. Perhaps this is what many dislike Virgins.


Libra – confrontational personality, who still struggle to keep a friendly relationship with their friends. However, with adamant people who don’t listen to arguments, Scales very difficult. Often the feud of the Weights occurs with the Virgins and Crabs, which Angers the slowness and unreliability of the personalities of this sign. In addition to this Scale – known aesthetes, who have a delicate sense of beauty. These individuals difficult to find common ground with the hard pragmatists, such as Aries or Scorpio.


Famous owner and a real jealous Scorpio finds no points of contact with the free people who don’t know, the words “jealousy” and not used to limit their loved ones. For example, with Sagittarius Mars ward finds common themes and their interaction, as a rule, is limited to the business sphere. And yet Scorpio is harsh and categorical in their actions and statements. It can easily hurt the man, after which he’ll hold a grudge. Often out of anger, Scorpio ceases to communicate with a Cancer or Taurus.


The happy-go-lucky sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarius absolutely does not want to quarrel. Here only not everyone shares his easy attitude to life, and on this background of the serious personalities, at times, conflicts arise. Sagittarius difficult to be a friend to a Capricorn or Virgo. On the contrary, these people, after a short communication begin to quarrel. In addition, Archer – loving sign, and this fact is very annoying ascetic people who believe love is sacred. That is why Sagittarians are often in conflict with Taurus and Cancers.


Capricorns are very serious and thoughtful person. They hate empty talk and empty of people who are used to “burn” life. Perhaps that is why the personality of this sign absolutely do not agree with Gemini and Aquarius. And wards of Saturn are always fighting for top positions and fiercely hate those who stand in their way. In this regard, Capricorns can be same ambitious Lions or Scorpions. Fair to say that representatives of this sign complex, to pick up the pick which can not everyone.


The Aquarius is difficult to establish communication with surrounding people, because they have a peculiar view of the world. To make enemies so people easy, but as friends they want to see is not for everyone. Experience shows that particularly difficult relationship at the ward of Uranium was formed with the representatives of the sign Virgo and Scorpio. Although, frankly, and with other representatives of the zodiacal constellation of the relationship is not much better. Importantly, the Aquarius, this fact is absolutely embarrassing. These individuals habitually did not pay attention to the opinions of others.


Wards of Neptune – touchy personality, which cannot tolerate rough handling and disregard for. For this reason, Pisces often clash with Aries and Gemini. In addition, Fish used to live feelings and all decisions pass through the heart. They do not understand how you can put in the forefront the Mercantile interests, and be completely insensitive to the misfortunes of others. For this reason, Fish are often at war with Virgo and Capricorn. The rest of the wards of Neptune – the good-natured individuals who all strive to have a friendly relationship.