The fictional Deputy nalivkina of parody clips arrested

Вымышленного депутата Наливкина из пародийных роликов арестовали

Actor playing the role of the Deputy Vitaly Nalivkin in the parody videos for YouTube channel BARAKuda and suspected contempt for video of the strongman, the corrupt official, was detained. The Director and screenwriter of the project Andrey Klochkov said “the Tape. ru”.

It is noted that the actor was arrested in Ussuriysk on June 15. He was arrested for five days, while neither the name nor the artist name is not specified.

“They set the goal to win, they legally can’t, we have nothing to show except a small fine. So they decided to operate like that. Just brought in court, was sentenced to five days for allegedly using foul language”, – commented on the detention of the actor shreds.

On 11 June it was reported that the police began checking video parody, which focuses on the fictional strongman, Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Andreychenko, detained for corruption. In the video, styled as a news report, found signs of disrespect to authority.

In the video in the house Andreichenko found “hundreds of pounds of money.” To expose him helped Nalivkin – another fictional character, “the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the city of Ussuriysk”.

Nalivkin – a collective image of Russian regional deputies. He is the main character of the satirical YouTube channel and Instagram account BARAKuda. The plot of each movie is associated with any problem that Nalivkin quickly resolves in an unusual manner.