The fight against corruption: with Gladkovsky-Svinarchuk removed an electronic bracelet details

Борьба с коррупцией: с Гладковского-Свинарчука сняли электронный браслет, подробности

From Oleg Gladkovsky-Svinarchuk suspected violation of the law during the implementation of the tender the procurement and use of official position for the benefit of, and ally Poroshenko, was shot in the courtroom, an electronic bracelet.

According to Telegram-channel Klymenko Time, the decision was made by the Highest anti-corruption court.

As stated by his lawyer Ruslan Volynets, a bracelet with his ward was shot in the courtroom, and that the pretrial investigation Gladkovsky extended until may next year, and for the time after detention he was interrogated only once.

However Gladkowska forbidden to leave the territory of the Kiev region without the permission of the investigation.

This obligation is implicated in a corruption scandal with military supplies Gladkowska extended until February 20, 2020 at the request of prosecutors.

According to Klymenko Time, all of this bears little resemblance to an effective fight against corruption.

Recall In March 2019, before the presidential election, the country erupted protests – the activists demanded to send Deputy national security Council Secretary Oleg Gladkovsky behind bars. The largest action took place under his house in Kozin. Over the years, the national security Council, he repeatedly became involved in major scandals: combined public office and owned by the Corporation “Bogdan motors”, and simultaneously sold its products to the state. Figured sums in the hundreds of millions of hryvnia, and the quality of cars put under serious doubts. He is suspected of abuse of power and false Declaration of income.

Борьба с коррупцией: с Гладковского-Свинарчука сняли электронный браслет, подробности