The film is about the blogger Chiara Ferragni will show at the Venice film festival

Фильм о блогере Кьяре Ферраньи покажут на Венецианском кинофестивале

At the Venice film festival 2019, which will begin on 28 August and will run until 7 August on the Italian island of Lido, will show a documentary about a popular blogger, designer and influencer the Chiara Ferragni.

About this Ferragni, for which the network monitor 17 million subscribers, announced on his page in Instagram.

Chiara recognized as the most successful influencers, it’s out in the world, and the designers expect that she will wear their clothes. 32-year-old Ferragni enjoys great popularity.

However, at 21 she studied international law at the University Bocconi and lived in a 40-meter Studio apartment. Then the future star of moonlighting and received my own money working as a model.According to her, about 10 years ago, she always wore black eyeliner and had ruffled hair. In those days, Kiara had invested all your money in designer bags and created images in mass-market clothing and only dreamed of a successful career.

Interesting fact: Ferragni became popular in 2009 thanks to her blog The Blonde Salad. Then the girl met Riccardo Pozzoli, who, most likely, he invented strategy and led blog favorite to a commercial success. However, their relationship did not last longer than 6 years. The separation, according to the blogger, it became difficult for her. Add that together with this ex-boyfriend left a business partner Chiara. Now the woman lives in marriage with the rapper Fedez, which they bring son Leo.

So, a documentary about the life of Chiara Ferragni ⁣”Chiara Ferragni – Unposted” will be shown at the Venice international film festival, which is considered the oldest of all known film events.

The star review was the first to congratulate her favorite Fedez (real name – Federico Lucia): “Super proud!”. Other fans also congratulated Kiara and asked what language will the ribbon.

What is known about the Venice film festival?The event first held in 1932 at the initiative of the Biennale, Antonio Marani. Man, watching football match, I decided to do something similar in the world of cinema is to show people dozens of films and to introduce them to new products. Since Italy every September is becoming a Mecca for the film industry.