The Finance Minister spoke in detail about the real requirements of the IMF to Ukraine

Министр финансов подробно рассказал о настоящих требованиях МФВ к Украине

The Minister of Finance, Sergei Marchenko said, the reforms in which sectors should hold Ukraine and debunked myths about increase of tariffs for the population.

The Minister of Finance, Sergei Marchenko told under what conditions the international monetary Fund will continue cooperation with Ukraine.

He told about it on a talk show “Right to rule” on the TV channel “1+1”.

In particular during the broadcast was published a number of requirements and the Minister asked to tell whether they correspond to reality.

According to Marchenko, the creation of the concept of “guaranteed minimum income” is not true.

With regard to the introduction of market prices for gas and heating for the population is, according to him, is not so. “Now the price, which was in the previous heating season, which is now in all regulatory documents, more than 4 thousand hryvnias. On the market actual price – 2 275. This price may. That is, the price will be reduced. Under these conditions the heating season the price will be reduced,” – said the official.

On the continuation of pension, medical, educational reforms he said that reform in these last two sectors are envisaged. “The question that fit into this format. The transition to the new funding model is the normal approach. I don’t see the problem, there is no record of this kind of reform, which does some evil things. In this discussion there is no,” he said.

Regarding pension reform, the IMF recommends Ukraine, according to him, not to make exceptions with respect to pensions, as well as do the privileged pensions for judges, prosecutors. At the same time, raising the retirement age is not yet mentioned. “There are certain precautions that the possibility of rocking of the pension system they created. And no more risks. About raising the retirement age is not an issue. Categorically not talking”, – said Marchenko.

Separately, he noted that the tax reform foresees the creation of a single legal entity in the state tax service, state customs service. “We are going, it is a normal practical step, I do not see any critical things. This is the technical steps that we would do with the IMF or without the IMF,” – he explained.

He also added that the Memorandum referred to privatization, but it does not say about a particular company, such as Odesa port plant, “Centrenergo” or “Elektrovazhmash”.

Marchenko also commented on the possibility of revising certain provisions of the law on the agricultural land market. According to him, in fact, the Memorandum fixed the things that have already been taken – the removal of the moratorium on land sales, the introduction of market mechanisms. No additional no obligations except those which the government already took over.

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