The Finance Ministry wants to change the approach to funding scientific research in Ukraine

Министерство финансов хочет изменить подход к финансированию научных исследований в Украине

The Ministry plans to change the current system of research funding in Ukraine. The Ministry plans to allocate funds on a competitive basis, and selection of candidates and the allocation of grants will be dealt with by national research Foundation, reports

This year, the Finance Ministry plans to launch a new funding mechanism for scientific research in the country. Applicants for state grants expect a competitive selection, which will be the national research Foundation. He will also receive the authority to directly allocate grants. In the state budget the Fund has allocated just over 260 million. In this subordination of the scientists in this case becomes a minor factor.

The Ministry of Finance explained that the experts learn all the possible ways that would help to improve the mechanisms of financial support for the research in Ukraine, regardless of who are subject to academic institutions. The Finance Ministry proposed a new system of budget allocation should be an incentive for scientists to contribute to the achievement of specific results. This will be a priority. The change of approach is also directed at support of the Ukrainian scientific potential as a whole. In the first phase of funding will be projects of high priority for the state. Earlier, the expert pointed out the need of reforming the economic system of the country.