The Finns tried to start the car in the space with dynamite

Финны попытались запустить машину в космос с помощью динамита

To achieve success Elon musk, or at least to repeat the result of the Trinity of Top Gear they did not.

To launch the car into space tried Finnish experimentalist, the author of the popular YouTube channel Channel Hydraulic Press (where he crushes a variety of items in a hydraulic press).

He planned to launch the vehicle using only the dynamite. NASA can spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars to send astronauts supplies. But the channel Beyond the press considered that to deliver them a pizza too.

To do this, somewhere in the Finnish woods, dug a hole and placed it 70 kg dynamite at a depth of about two meters. And top set the machine in a vertical position.

To look at run you at around 6:50:

The mission of pizza delivery into space ended in failure. The car was torn into many pieces that scattered around the forest.

Elon Musk launched Tesla Roadster into space on a rocket, the Falcon Heavy in early February, 2018. Now the car drifts somewhere in the 227 million kilometers from Earth. And the General Director of the Russian space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin, has promised to follow electric Mask to send Russian truck.

The main automotive news last day – in the video below:

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