The fire from the table lamp, the woman received burns to 80% of the body

Пожар из-за настольной лампы: женщина получила ожоги 80% тела

Rescuers took less than two hours for the fire

Volchansky district of Kharkiv region, a fire occurred in which result the woman received severe burns. About it reported in a press-service of regional government of gschs.

25 Mar at 20:30 on the hotline “101” received information about the incident in the village of vil’cha. By the time of arrival of rescuers in a residential house was a corridor and one room. Total fire area was 22 square meters. 25 minutes later after a call rescuers have stopped the spread of fire, and in 22:10 – completely eliminated it. In the result of emergency suffered woman born in 1968, which tried to extinguish the fire. Local resident with burns to 80% of the body was taken to the Kharkov ambulance. The cause of the incident was a short circuit in a table lamp.

Earlier, in suburban district of Kharkov there was a fire, injuring three. March 16, rescuers received information about vozgoraniy a 10-storey building in the driveway Garden, 9. On the scene left three crews of firefighters. At the time of their arrival burned the front door into the stairwell and garbage in the utility room. In less than an hour the soldiers of the SES extinguished the fire. The result of the incident a three year old boy felt bad, he was hospitalized in regional children’s hospital. As it turned out, the child together with parents walked down the smoky stairs of the tenth floor and inhaled carbon monoxide.

Пожар из-за настольной лампы: женщина получила ожоги 80% тела