The fire in the “Tokyo star” in Odessa: the court refused to extend the measure to the owner of the hotel

Пожар в "Токио Стар" в Одессе: суд отказался продлить меру пресечения владельцу отеля

Vadim Cherny believes that the hotel could set fire to a Russian terrorist.

The Kiev district court of Odessa refused to extend the measure to the owner of the hotel “Old Tokyo” Vadim Black, which in August last year, killing 9 people. As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, Black said in social networks.

“The court rejected the Prosecutor in electing me to measure. First jail, then-house arrest, then night house arrest. Now the court refused the Prosecutor’s office even in a polite and insignificant “personal commitment,” said Black.

He argues that, according to the examination of the hotel there were no violations of fire safety that could cause a fire. In addition, according to him, there is evidence that the hotel was set on fire, in particular, did a Russian terrorist.

“There are clear signs of arson, set by the examination. There are Russian terrorists who are highly intelligent prosecutors released from Ukraine, and now most afraid to go because of this trial. And the court did not want to cover the Prosecutor’s office for a military business,” said Black.

He believes that the alleged perpetrator has already left for Russia. Supposedly there is evidence (video) that, when the fire started, the man went to his hotel room, which was located opposite the Laundry. In the past, according to investigators, the fire started.

As suggested by Black, after committing arson, an attacker could jump out the window of the Laundry, then returned to his room, took a backpack with things and disappeared.

Help. In Odessa in the night of August 17, 2019, during a fire in the hotel “Tokyo star” killing 9 people. Among them – inhabitants of Odessa region (boy, born in 2002, and a girl, born 2001), two Ukrainians (male, born in 1995 and is a woman, 1996), a 58-year-old resident of Dnipropetrovsk region, Kharkov, 1984, and 73-year-old Australian. In addition, a resident of Sum and her 10-year-old daughter. In October, Primorsky district court of Odessa ordered law enforcement to investigate the circumstances of the death of this child. A lawsuit was filed by activist Nikolai Koval, who suggests that the girl’s father was able to save his wife and daughter, but for some reason didn’t.

The owner Vadim Black and senior administrator Irina a Steamboat, who has two young children, was arrested and placed in jail. Co-owner of the hotel and the chief engineer in absentia notified of the suspicion. Also among the suspects is a 30-year-old woman on duty at the hotel the night of the fire.

All defendants charged with infringement of requirements of fire security, entailed heavy consequences (part 2 of article 270 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

On 11 October the court released from jail a Steamboat under night house arrest.

November 27, the Odessa appellate court I released Black under house arrest.

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