The first animals of the Earth were connected to each other by threads

Первые животные Земли оказались связаны друг с другом нитями

Some of the first animals the Earth was networked together via threads that allow them to exchange nutrients. As reported this is the oldest known collective body, United in this way are known at the moment.

Scientists from Cambridge and Oxford universities have discovered filaments of length up to four meters, connected of rangeomorphs – creatures that dominated the Earth’s oceans 500 million years ago. Similar threads were found in the seven species found on 40 different sites.

The length of most discovered of threads ranged from two to 40 centimeters, while some extended to four meters. The threads are so thin that they can only be detected in regions very good condition of the remains. Therefore, they were not found previously.

It is possible that the threads used for asexual beings, but because they were of different sizes, and other probable mechanisms for their use. For example, they provided stability in opposition to the oceanic currents. Or with their help ancient organisms exchange nutrients.

According to scientists, the results of the study will require a revision of the earlier conclusions about how these organisms interacted and, in particular, as they competed for space and resources at the bottom of the ocean.

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