The first commander of the Space forces of the United States took the oath: what is known about new troops

On Tuesday, January 14, in the United States of America was sworn in by General John Raymond. He became the first commander of the newly created Space forces of the United States.

Sworn in General led by Vice-President Mike Pence, reports The Washington Times.

Pence stressed that there was much debate about who should be the head of space operations at a crucial period of the formation of Cosmic forces.

The first thing that was received by the President after the creation of the Cosmic forces was the decision on who should be their first leader. He immediately realized that there is no one more qualified and prepared than General Jay Raymond,
– told Vice-the President of the United States.

The cosmic forces of the United States: at a glance

The creation of the Space forces was one of the priorities of the American President Donald trump. Cosmic force – sixth of the armed forces of the United States, designed for the execution of military operations in outer space.

During the last NATO summit, which took place in December in the British London, space was recognized as the sixth military sphere.

Cosmic forces of the USA at the beginning of creation must have 13 thousand people with a budget for 5 years in 13 billion dollars. They will work closely with the air force and the U.S. foreign intelligence.