The first demonstration of PlayStation 5: video

Первая демонстрация работы консоли PlayStation 5: видео

The closer the official announcement of the next generation of consoles, the more the network there are new rumors. Only design options PlayStation 5 showed at least five, but now the journalist of the Wall Street Journal published a presentation of the new console Sony.

Video clip, which the journalist revealed on their Twitter page that demonstrates how much faster will the new PlayStation 5.

In the short clip shows how the new console is faster to cope with loading levels than its predecessor. PS4 Pro level in the game Marvel’s Spider Man boot of 8.10 seconds, while on the new console, the figure was 0.83 seconds.

How does the new PlayStation 5 watch the video

From this we can draw a simple conclusion: in PlayStation 5 probably installed a fast SSD which to cope with such tasks much faster than a regular hard drive. At this time, and hinted the platform architect mark Cerny.

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