The first Ford plant in Russia was one month

Первому заводу Ford в России остался один месяц

Ford has just a month to stop the production of passenger cars in Russia. As an American company closes a factory in the Leningrad region, and why the workers accepted “unfair” compensation – in the material DW.

At the end of June 2019 automaker Ford will go from Vsevolozhsk. Due to the restructuring of the joint venture Ford Sollers plant in Leningrad region will close after 17 years.

In March between a Russian representative of the brand and factory workers, a conflict broke out because of the size of compensation. Staff has not received from the employer comparable with the European payments and now require help from the state. Monday, may 20, officials of the Leningrad region will hold a consultation with the plant management on outplacement.

Ford – the first American factory in Russia

Ford launched production in Vsevolozhsk 17 years ago. In 2002 this plant was the only in the whole of Russia by the enterprise and capital of which 100% was held by the Americans. They have invested in the construction of the plant is $ 150 million, and that became the largest investment project in the Russian North-West. At the time of launch there worked 400 experts, later this figure is closer to two thousand.

Problems at the Russian mission coincided with the economic crisis in Russia in 2014. Ford Sollers – a joint venture of Ford Motor Company and JSC “SOLLERS” – then sharply reduced sales. By agreement of the parties quit 700 people, but the business has not improved. The plant in Vsevolozhsk, which produces models Foсus and Mondeo, regularly “up” because of delays and strikes. The workers demanded a salary index and to pay simple production.

In January 2019, the workshops were rumors that the company will soon be closed. The company denied, and even the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko said that at least the 2019 plant more work. Just a month later, the company announced that due to the restructuring will leave the Russian market of passenger cars and close factories in Vsevolozhsk, Naberezhnye Chelny and Yelabuga. In the past will continue production of light Ford Transit vans.

Ford workers have not achieved the European payments

On the closure of factories the company will spend $ 174 million. Workers ‘ compensation vary depending on their seniority at the time of dismissal. Experience of at least five years is estimated at 5.5 months of salary, and from 15 years – in 12 salary. In the end, everyone will get from 300 to 660 thousand rubles. With otkatchiki from the program of voluntary layoffs (remote control) part of article 81 TK – “the Termination of the contract at the initiative of the employer”.

Such conditions seemed to many to be unfair. The guide pointed to severance payments at the closure of Ford plants in Germany, where at the hands allegedly gave two annual salary. Rallies for increase in compensation did not affect the determination of the managers. Chairman of trade Union of Vsevolozhsk Mikhail Sergeyev said that before the may holidays the employer’s offer is not accepted about thirty of the nearly thousand employees. They include, for example, people “pre-retirement” age: in the event of job loss entitled to early retirement.

However, there is a fundamental otkatchiki. “I don’t take the remote control, because it is unfair,” he told DW welder Igor Temchenko. He was at the factory in 2003. – “It turns out that involved in the collapse managers take on 6 million roubles, and the working, who honestly “afrobella” 10 to 15 years – only 600 thousand.” Mikhail Sergeev believes that the rejection of the remote control there are advantages. “A record of the staff reduction in the workbook entitles you to a free training,” he said. – “With such people, the state authorities will babysit”.

Future employees of Ford in Russia is uncertain

The trade Union “Ford” has made to their representative, Vitaly Machikina, engaged in a special Commission on employment. It consists of officials from the Committee for labour of Leningrad region and administration of the plant. In the letter Machikina first Deputy Chairman of Committee Nikolay Rogachev says that the employment service of the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg will “assist in finding suitable employment of redundant workers”. However, while no meeting of the Commission with the participation of workers was not, as claimed by the officials on may 20, “fair of vacancies” was canceled. Instead, representatives of the employment service are going to consult with the administration of the enterprise.

Welder Igor Temchenko believes that finding work can be a problem.”Many of us have a specific profession, – he told. For example, welder machine welding is only needed in the automotive industry”. He hoped that the employment service will select jobs with a salary of forty thousand, which provide for retraining.

To simplify the process of finding employment for former “Ferdowsi” could the purchase of the plant by another automaker. “We have several interested parties, but no agreements yet, so no specifics,” said DW press-Secretary of Ford Sollers Komarova Ekaterina. According to rumors, the buyer will be the South Korean concern Hyundai. “A couple of months ago at the plant came people of “Oriental appearance”. They acted prudently, – says Mikhail Sergeev. – Showed them the wiring diagram, they are photographed. Working for him was not allowed”.

Первому заводу Ford в России остался один месяц

Первому заводу Ford в России остался один месяц