The first photo is the ideological heir of the old Defender

Первые фото идейного наследника старого Дефендера

British Ineos Automotive released an official photo of his firstborn – frame utilitarian SUV 4×4 Grenadier, who is known as the ideological heir of the classic Land Rover Defender.

The Grenadier 4×4 project financed by the chemical giant Ineos, however, the development of car turnkey outsourcing conducted by the canadian-Austrian company Magna-Steyr.

The new system was demonstrated with a versatile five-door body, but the full collection will also include a “three-door” and four-door pickup.

The design of the car – as simple as possible, in the spirit of the classic SUV with a dual purpose. Here, flat glass and the surface of the body panels. The front with slip cover bonnet swage line along the side, round headlights of the generic type, radiator grille with horizontal slats, roof with additional Windows, Windows and overall proportions are all very much like the classic defender. The size of the car were not disclosed, but it is obvious that its length is about five meters.

Ineos Grenadier 4×4 plan to equip purchase – motor- 6-cylinder gasoline and diesel the 3.0-liter “radnicni” from BMW. They will be combined with 8-speed automatic ZF gearbox.

Target curb weight of the SUV – 2400 kg, while the prototype is 80 kg heavier, but in engineering optimization plan to reduce weight.

Chassis are made according to the classic off-road canons – here continuous bridges, and therefore, dependent suspension. In a circle applied to the spring.

For body parts used aluminum, high strength steel and composites. Most of the external panels, including the hood, doors, fenders, stamped from aluminum sheet.

Serial production of Ineos Grenadier 4×4 starts in late 2021-th – the beginning of 2022, while the prototypes continue to cycle pass a hard endurance test, the total length of which is 1 million miles (1.6 million km).

Plants at Ineos Automotive will be two in Portugal and South Wales. The Portuguese site will manufacture the chassis, then they will be sent to Wales for final Assembly.

The car’s interior has been kept secret.

Grenadier 4×4 plan to sell in all key markets of the world, but the main will be the Europe and North America. In Europe, the price of the car will start from € 45 000. The breakeven point for the project is to sell 25 000 SUVs per year.

Ideologist of the project Grenadier 4×4 owner Ineos sir Jim Ratcliff (Jim Ratcliff). He’s a big fan of the classic Land Rover Defender. A few years ago when Jaguar Land Rover announced that it will replace the original “Def” more of a consumer machine with a monocoque body, Ratcliff was upset, and that’s why I decided to create a new frame SUV, which would have taken over the spirit of the iconic land Rover, but would be much more modern in design.

Original Land Rover Defender was taken out of production in 2016, and in 2019 were out fundamentally new Defender with independent suspension and a monocoque body. Prototypes Grenadier for some time are endurance tests, but the design of this machine is still not disclosed. It is expected that the first commercial SUVs off the Assembly line in 2021.

Первые фото идейного наследника старого Дефендера

Первые фото идейного наследника старого Дефендера

Первые фото идейного наследника старого Дефендера

Первые фото идейного наследника старого Дефендера