The first review on Mortal Kombat 11 confirm the unbearable amount of Grinda

Первые рецензии на Mortal Kombat 11 подтверждают невыносимое количество гринда

Mortal Kombat 11 starts tomorrow, and today the Network began to appear reviews from journalists. The game as a whole praise, but as one noted feature which spoils the raspberries – an unhealthy amount of Grinda.

For example, the author of the IGN comments positively about the new combat system, which was slower overall, but requires more careful positioning and attention to the movements of the opponent. This matches stronger tactics valued and meaningful activities, and the mechanics of the Fatal Blow may escalate the thrill of the final part of the battle to the limit.

Problem – the Towers of time (Towers of Time; a series of contests with prizes) and the Crypt (a special location where you can unlock stuff). Loot in the Crypt now are scattered randomly in chests, and it may happen that in an expensive chest will be hidden only not very necessary garbage.

Look how many different types of consumables!

But most of all complain about the Tower of time. They offer a chain of duels on any topic, but modifiers can be simply uninteresting and unfair to the player. For example, you need to fight the enemy that immobilizes you with discharge current for a few seconds if you are close. The author of the IGN says that it is really a test for your skills, but annoying, and does not cause excitement.

If you want to get gear for a specific character, you have to fight in his personal Tower. But to get to this Tower, you want to perform a monotonous task, like “fill with 50 uppercuts, to make 50 fatality” or “brutaliti 75 to spend”. It turns out that in the Towers of the characters even Grinda is bigger than usual. The reward in such Towers is also random, so not the fact that after a long series of battles you will get the thing you really wanted.

And in order to increase the chance of winning on an extremely complex stages of the Towers, you need to use consumable items. Smell that?

Pass the Tower and get the consumables to complete the other tower.

As the author writes IGN, in a version for review did not work a premium shop, so while we can’t say how severe Donat in Mortal Kombat 11. There is reason to believe the worst: the Crypt is based on luchboxer with random awards, and the Towers of time is full of unfair fights – maybe the game will be hard to push players to purchase tokens that allow you to skip the battle in the Towers.

Customization, which you’ve collected in the Towers and the Crypt, transferred in network multiplayer, but there it works a little differently. You can dress up the character in any sort of cosmetic, but in the competitive playlist gameplay moments are equal: each character has only two predefined set of movements. Of these sets excluded some strikes – apparently, for the sake of balance. But in the casual playlist movement can be anything. In addition, unlike Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat 11 gear does not affect the characteristics of the hero.

But the story campaign, judging by the reviews, turned out though somewhat short, but very interesting and exciting.

At the time of writing the news average rating Mortal Kombat 11 from the critics is 82 points out of 100, based on 36 reviews.

Первые рецензии на Mortal Kombat 11 подтверждают невыносимое количество гринда

Первые рецензии на Mortal Kombat 11 подтверждают невыносимое количество гринда