The first Russian car brands “the mill” will revive for electric cars

Первый российский автобренд «Фрезе» возродят ради электрокаров

Dartz wants to release this brand new model.

Dartz Motorz company, which bills itself as successor to the brand “Russo-Balt” has announced plans to revive the Russian car brands “the mill.” Under this name in China will assemble electric cars.

Engineer Peter Frese is known that together with a retired naval officer Evgeny Yakovlev developed and presented to the public in 1896, the “self-moving carriage” – the first car of the Russian production. The production of cars under the brand name Frese began later, in 1902, and continued for several years. In 1910 the mill had sold his factory to the Russian-Baltic factory.

Now Dartz company, based in Riga and considers himself “successor of the traditions of Russo-Balta”, intends to revive the name Frese for electric cars Chinese Assembly, reports “Kommersant”. Details about the project, the newspaper does not.

Dartz, specializing in the production of SUVs in brutal combat style, and has previously been involved in ambitious projects. For example, in 2016, the Latvian company announced that it is ready to work for Donald trump. However, the idea was never implemented – the 45th President of the United States moves on the Cadillac limousine, called the beast (“Beast”).

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