The first trailer for the game Divinity: Fallen Heroes published online

Первый трейлер игры Divinity: Fallen Heroes опубликовали в сети

The authors Divinity: Original Sin 2 – one of the most highly acclaimed role-playing games in recent years – have announced a spin-off of their hit song. Larian Studios has decided to try itself in a slightly different genre and introduced a tactical game Divinity: Fallen Heroes.

The story and gameplay. As reported by Polygon, the novelty will retain the spirit of the RPG and continue the storyline Original Sin 2.

On the passage of the Fallen Heroes, you will need to about 30 hours, during which time users will meet with your favorite characters, visit familiar places and face dangerous opponents. The game will be both single and cooperative modes, the system of diplomacy and technology tree.

Game trailer Divinity: Fallen Heroes – watch the video

Features. Divinity: Fallen Heroes will be created together with Logic Artists. One of the most popular works of team – Expeditions: Viking. On Steam the game has plenty of positive reviews, so doubt the success of cooperation is not necessary.

Release date. The exact release date of the spin-off of the Original Sin 2 yet, but the debut is planned this year. A reliable list of supported platforms is also not yet announced, but in the description of the trailer we are talking about a few – it’s possible that you’re lucky not only PC gamers, but the owners of other devices.

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