The fisherman went through the ice in front of everyone: are unable to help, photos

Рыбак ушел под лед у всех на глазах: не смогли помочь, фото

The fisherman has failed under ice

In the capital on the river a tragedy occurred.

In Kiev on the Dnieper are a lover of winter fishing, suddenly, in the eyes of numerous passers-by went under the ice. Witnesses of the incident immediately began to call rescuers. The man was literally fifty meters from the shore, and the tragedy saw a lot of people. Someone rushed to help the man, but thin ice is not allowed to do.

The arrived rescuers have pulled out of the water fisherman. He was dead. Now all circumstances of the tragedy are investigated by the police.

As previously reported, in Kamenskoye reservoir 50 fishermen claimed on the ice for 2 kilometers from the shore. It is noted that the rescuers received a message that between the settlements of Orlik and prydnipryans’ke of Kobelyatsky district, Poltava region, in the waters of the reservoir Kamensky, on a drifting ice floe fishermen are 50.

Rescuers managed to remove the fishermen from the ice floe. None of them suffered threats to their life and health no.

Also add that during underwater fishing on the Dniester estuary fell through the ice and drowned three fisherman. Three of them managed to get out of traps and to reach the shore. Two more could not be saved. About it reported in a press-service of glamourousone of civil service on emergency situations in Odessa region.

On information, rescuers during the re-examination of the waters of the estuary near the village nadlymans’ke Ovidiopolsky area found the bodies of two fishermen. Their personalities are established so far.

It is noted that only the day of the tragedy on the ice were about a hundred people.

Also in Kiev, State service of emergency situations asked the fishermen to rescue their comrade, drifting along the Dnieper on a breakaway ice floe. Reports a press about it-service gschs.

36-year-old man was fishing near the Moscow bridge, and then drifted away on a breakaway ice floe, 200 metres from the shore. Rescuers swam out to the man on the multifunction inflatable boat and took him.

In gschs warn that the ice cover is fragile and thin, so go to it is extremely dangerous.

A few days ago, five fishermen are unable to leave the frozen Pecheniz’ke reservoir. As reported in a press-service GU gschs in the Kharkov area, at 18:36 im the man called and said that his car Renault Kangoo is covered by snow on the ice near the village of Joomla Volchansk district, and he and his four friends froze and can’t go.

Rescuing fishermen went operational office mobile heating point on the basis of an all terrain vehicle ZIL 131.

The officers slowly moved through the meter drifts, but got into such drifts that to move was impossible. Then they left the car and another half mile advanced on foot, until he came to the fishermen who were going to meet.

All this time, they kept in touch and provided psychological assistance and adjust the direction. Fishermen were taken to the point of heating, then fire post in the village of Old Saltov, where they were fed and watered tea.

Рыбак ушел под лед у всех на глазах: не смогли помочь, фото

Рыбак ушел под лед у всех на глазах: не смогли помочь, фото