The five most attractive countries in the digital economy

Пять самых привлекательных стран с цифровой экономикой

What are the features of the digital economy has each of the rating

Estonia, Finland, Israel, Canada, South Korea – the five most attractive countries in the digital economy, reports the BBC.

Estonia took the first place in the ranking thanks to an unlimited access to the Internet and the world’s first digital government. Since independence, the country began to invest heavily in the development of digital infrastructure. State program e-government e-Estonia transferred to the online format of voting, a program of health care, banking and even immigration policy.

Finland ranks second in terms of “digital life” and the first non-cash transactions. The Internet here plays this?? important role in 2010 the government approved the legislation the right of every citizen to a broadband Internet connection. Finland became the first country in the world that did it.

Israel is one of the world centers of innovative technologies, for which he received the name “Nation of startups”. “Here, even the elderly have smart phones and accounts on Facebook and send each other text and video messages in WhatsApp or other messengers”, the Ambassador said the international community InterNations Maria Pinales, who lives in Israel.

Canada received high marks in almost all categories of the rating availability of public services online, cashless payments, digital life. However, the relationship here is slightly higher than in other countries, and Internet coverage in remote areas is not always perfect. But in General, the availability of unlimited access to the online services attracts foreign investors.

Leader on availability of high speed Internet, South Korea contributes to the rapid lifestyle of its residents. “Daily life in South Korea lightning. You can order food online and get her really in a few minutes”, – says a resident of Seoul, Choi Yong Ying. South Korea has the fastest Internet in the world, and this means that computer games and streaming services available anywhere in the country.