The focus for fools: the West is shot down over Ukraine Boeing puts the film about the tragedy in Perm

Фокус для дураков: Запад вместо сбитого над Украиной Boeing сует фильм о трагедии в Перми

There was a tragic decline Boeing when landing. It happened on 14 September 2008.

Europe does not want to investigate the case of the downed Boeing over Ukraine. Instead slips a film about the tragedy in Perm.

And then this announcement. A film-investigation. On the National Geographic channel, which many people respect.

Here’s the problem, all investigations without leaving the office. All the facts are likely to repeat those that have already been announced 11 years ago. Now they are forgotten by many and will be filed as a sensation.

The focus for fools, but it works. Need to divert attention from the disaster, which it is, except Russia and Malaysia, it seems, no one wants to investigate.

At the same time, there is no evidence linking Russia to the downed over Ukraine Boeing just yet. Unclear information taken from the Internet. Enough.

In Perm when boarding a passenger liner has begun to decrease using the given glide path. He went to the second round and during climb crashed on the railroad tracks. It happened at a distance of 200 meters from residential buildings.

The main version is that the commander simply lost orientation in space. Most likely, the signal of the sensors does not receive the necessary treatment against icing.

All 88 people died. Among them was Gennady Troshev, who commanded the troops of the feds in the war in Chechnya. That’s really a topic – even carousing.