“The food wife, you n**Dec”: the most striking of the correspondence of Ukrainian politicians to Parnassus

"Еду с супругой, вам п**дец": самое яркое из переписки украинских политиков с Парнасом

The House of representatives of Congress in the investigation of the probable pressure of the American President Donald trump on the official Kiev has published 390-page document that laid out the screens of personal correspondence of the Lion of Parnassus, with Ukrainian top officials and politicians.

Parnas – American businessman of Ukrainian origin, a close ally of ex-mayor of new York personal lawyer trump Rudolph Giuliani. From the published correspondence follows that Parnassus a few times during 2019 flew to Kiev, sought a meeting with the newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and his surroundings in order, apparently, to get the dirt on main rival trump in the upcoming presidential elections in the United States Joe Biden.

Edition GORDON, preserving the style and spelling of the original, publishes the most interesting fragments of correspondence Parnassus with former Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko and Victor Shokin, a Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, head of the security Service of Ukraine Ivan Baranovym, assistants to the President Zelensky Andrey Ermak and Sergey Sefirot and businessman Igor Kolomoisky.

The most intense and bright correspondence from all Ukrainian figures appearing in the published documents, the Parnas was with the then Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko. From February to October 2019 they exchanged 651 message.

February 24, 2019. Parnassus: Excellent dinner together?

Lutsenko: What kitchen?

The Parnas: a Good Ukrainian is

Lutsenko: And the beer OK? The choir is a Belgian beer restaurant with Ukrainian cuisine

March 8. Parnassus: And be sure that this will be a friendly interview with the President of Ukraine, the state partner of America!!! And we’ll try to negotiate that tomorrow they took you, too, interview

Lutsenko: I’m in Rome. Don’t know where to get Skype:)

Parnas: I love it Try to download Skype to your phone I want it is very important that you were home for the future

March 13. Parnas: I only went out with rallies now there is a connection?

Lutsenko: I’m Sorry But all this just for… Balo. I have not received a visit. My First [Petro Poroshenko] has not received any x… RA. I’m ready to vzut your competitor. But you want more. We all [do for you]. You – then. It’s not fair.

Parnassus: George. Expensive!!! Come tomorrow with a fresh mind talk!!!! 800 am your time!!!!

March 20. Parnas sends links to interview Lutsenko’s edition of the Hill.

Lutsenko: so now I will attack not only the Ambassador and the state Department??? Cool…

Parnassus: Jura congratulations!!!! Today you became the politician of the World Level!!!! Glory To Ukraine!!!!

Lutsenko sends Parnassus links to Ukrainian publication, which published the response of the US State Department to interview Lutsenko The Hill. In response, the representative of the state Department called a “blatant falsification” statement Lutsenko about the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch list of people who supposedly are not allowed to pursue.

Lutsenko: If I’m not invited in the nearest time with the official visit – I’m not going to defend ourselves from our and your

Parnassus: Yuri don’t worry we you will not give offense this is only the beginning can’t talk right now later I will try to collect or tomorrow morning

March 21. Lutsenko: what: I usualt a statement of the state Department that I was lying. The question is: nah… nd to me these adventures. Especially 10 days before the election? And in the state Department saying that my statements are for the benefit of corrupt officials. Ah… ennaya assistance to Ukraine.

Parnassus: Give me 30 45 minutes I’ll call you back I have good news

Lutsenko: the state Department claims that I’m lying!!! I… ball such results [Parnas conceded two phone calls Lutsenko, he continues] do Not play. Or nah. Or let’s fucking us until September. Well, Your Penny [Vice-President Michael Penny] uttered my First. Our after I uttered just one-on-one against 2 countries

Parnas: I will Now call 2 minutes

Lutsenko: That’s not it. Just if you do not accept the decision by Madam – you have questioned my statements. Including B

March 26. Lutsenko: the Washington post is Already killing me.

Parnassus: I know

Lutsenko: They write that Sytnik [Director of the NABU] hero. Zero results. Want to listen to the tape – tomorrow I’ll get a recording device and the evidence of the parties to the conversation. I have been successfully moving the case according to Zlochevsky. There is evidence about the transfer of B. And only you can not shoot a fool:(

Parnassus: It is not easy believe me a fool Well, she’s not going anywhere

27-29 March. Lutsenko: hi Hav a Yu?

Parnassus: Very good

Lutsenko: Sytnik for Hilary [Clinton] is clearly against Pro-Russian trump

Parnassus: Yura asked me personally to tell you that America supports you and will not give offense no matter how it look now soon all will turn and be the right bed. So you know you are here talking like a real hero of Ukraine

Lutsenko: I Have a printout of payments burisma seneca For a couple million

Parnassus: You can send

Lutsenko: I will through the new Ambassador:)

Parnassus: Lol Very soon

Lutsenko: in the meantime, police leaked materials NABOO in finansirovanii you the TV show about the corruption of the environment Poroshenko Next I

Parnassus: will Soon pick up with the news

On 2 April. Lutsenko: I’m probably the most famous Ukrainian you:)

Parnassus: This is going to be a big week

Lutsenko sends a picture and writes: David and Goliath. Please: do not play in parallel games. I am always open to do their job. But there are figures which it is considered as weakness Well and it would be nice to invite me did not meet. Can – informal, on the ranch. And I feel like experimental mouse

April 17. Parnassus: Hello, how are the plans for today

Lutsenko: Problems at home. Come on tomorrow?

Parnassus: Okay, brah, God Forbid, everything is fine

Lutsenko: The… piss me off.

Parnas: I imagine I’m there with you.

May 14. Parnas sends Lutsenko link to an article in Bloomberg about the fact that the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko has accused Lutsenko of the public Prosecutor of “conspiracy” against the candidate in US presidents from Democrats Joe Biden.

Parnassus: Big day today!!!!!! Good luck and kick ass!!! [Today is the big day! Good luck and kick some ass!]

Parnassus: SUPER!!! Make sure you call me when you’re free When you’re calm will recruit me I wait your call

Lutsenko: I’m calm like x.. y after the act

Parnas: I understand you are very busy well, you need to see I missed you tell me where any time I sleep not going

On may 16-17. Parnassus: Yura tell me where I’ll come I need you urgently to see Yura is very very very important

Lutsenko: I 30 km from Kiev. Tel not?

Parnas: I no way out I need you is very important to talk is very important and Because Rudy you really want to say today I have said it is very important Trust me I don’t want to go now 30 km

Lutsenko: That is, to go should I

Parnassus: Come on in the middle somewhere

Lutsenko: where are You? In gothel

Parnassus: Hilton hotel

Lutsenko: Food with his wife. You p… Bonk

Late night Parnas sends Lutsenko the news that Kolomoisky has returned to Ukraine and plan to spend the next five years.

Parnassus: Yuri give me a call.

Lutsenko: No… I am. I don’t want 2am to work in America

Parnassus: understood.

Lutsenko: Alcohol is cool.

Parnassus: With a taste of peat and smoke!!!!! Already more unlikely to drink. Or Japanese!!!!

Lutsenko: Call after 350

Parnassus: a volume need a strong company!!!!

Lutsenko: the Same garbage. Here is a 700 rod

Parnassus: It is a lethal Dose

Lutsenko: the First time Yes. You get used to it

Parnassus: Professionals can!!!!!!

On may 21-23. Lutsenko: Hi. The mood is shit. Country from the brink

Parnassus: Hold on I’m coming give me a Call just flew in Hello my brother call me

Lutsenko: Doo Yoo in Hilton?

Parnas: Yes I miss you my brother I want to see you

May 25. Lutsenko: You so all left without the “horse” went???

Parnassus: the last time given that he decided “a little slower horses, a little slower “!!!!!!

Lutsenko: That is the norm. All on the feet.

June 26. Parnassus: Igor [probably another Giuliani ally Igor Fruman] asks what is better for him to drink?

Lutsenko: Ibiki Hibiki [Japanese honey whiskey] Very cool. In three world

Parnassus: Come to us

5 Oct. Lutsenko: Read the end [of the article The New York Times about me]. To think to ask Giuliani about my half clipped phrase (without the prospect of an investigation in America conflict of interest, Biden) is a Pulitzer from the hands of Goebbels. P… Bonk! Just p… Bonk. Sixth, the us media shamelessly lying and manipulating. What a fucking nose you have there freedom of speech???? They blatantly discrediting me that no one said something they don’t want to.

On the second place on number of messages – 407 pieces – correspondence Parnassus with the ex-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. Former Ukrainian official March 10, 2019 send American counterpart, Russian news TASS, is made of articles The New York Times that Joe Biden is preparing to announce the beginning of a campaign for nomination for U.S. President from the Democratic party. In the following months Shokin asleep Parnassus numerous news articles and interviews from a variety of Ukrainian and Russian periodicals, often of questionable content. For the most part, the interlocutors communicate through voice call, thrice repeated writes Parnassus private messages.

3 July 2019. Shokin: 1. Asked the question on the passport. It’s been a month, you promised to give an answer for 2 days. 2. On 3 Jul 2019 time less and less. When will be any movement on my question? If there then when and what? Waiting for a specific response. Thank you!

The 4th of July. Shokin: Congratulations on July 4, I wish that all your dreams come true. Report that the Embassy my passport was returned without visa. Notice, however, that the decision on a visa application is in administrative review. Looking forward to the answer to my previous questions. Thank you!

July 5. Parnassus: Thank You!!! Working on our projects. How come only the Ambassador, the issue will be resolved with the visa!!!

I reported to dear Rudy and he is in an interview with inter channel, expressed separately for you personally, and gratitude

The third intensity of communication by messenger – correspondence with the head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. A total of 111 messages. For the most part the sides only agree on the time the phone or place a personal meeting.

15-18 April 2019. Parnas asked the security at time of arrival in Kiev, Avakov said “In what form? Secretly, openly?”, Parnassus asks to “open” after thanked the interior Minister: “Thank you for protecting all super”.

April 29. Parnassus: it was good to see you my friend I’m flying now Washington will call you tomorrow and later this company that I told you: Company: Ukrainian locomotive company [the name is in the published correspondence hidden] can’t start the transport of their locomotive of Lviv railway because of opposition from the Ministry of transport. The reason is not known…. thank you

Avakov: Welcome. At the end of the output look

Parnassus: Thank You

May 14. Parnas: I Have a very interesting and important news I think you need to know when you get the chance call me

Avakov: 15 gain [17.23 in Parnassus have not answered the call Avakov via messenger]

Parnas: On the phone with Washington will call [almost through the night, may 14] my Dear friend. I want to thank you for your help and understanding in this difficult situation and your help to me personally. I reported this to the Honorable Rudy [Giuliani] and it in today’s exclusive interview with inter channel, expressed separately for you personally, and gratitude. Looking forward to meeting tomorrow. Thank you!!!!!

Correspondence with the assistant to the President Andrey Ermak contained in 71 the message, most of which Parnassus asks to call him, and Yermak says: “While busy”, “I’m in a meeting with the President.” One of these days Ermak requires Parnassus to Giuliani (in correspondence he Mr.Mayor) deleted his post on Twitter, which was listed his phone number. The requirement to immediately comply.

3 October 2019. Ermak: Tell me why friend posted my phone number to your Twitter without my permission? Maybe I should do also?!

Parnassus: hi I’m Flying I land you gain

Correspondence with Igor Kolomoisky instead of just 31 message, but it was a lot of calls and congratulations with the Jewish holidays. When Parnas twice in a row did not answer phone calls, Kolomoisky wrote to him: “Ale”, after evading Parnassus: “I’m flying I land you Gain”.

October 8, 2019. Parnassus: Like your Rabbi? [before a message should link to the investigation about a possible meeting Zelensky in new York with the businessman of the Ukrainian origin Kalinin Sam, who was associated with Russian organized crime groups; in one of the public meetings were attended by Rabbi Moshe Hasid kotlyarskii].

Kolomoisky: I find out after Yom Kippur [Day of repentance and atonement in Judaism]

Parnassus: Forgot you already started I wish you Easy fasting

Kolomoisky: Mutually

Correspondence with the head of SBU Ivan Baranovym and the first assistant to the President Sergey Sefira was very short – 20 and posts 16, respectively. For the most part Parnas asked to meet or call, but after the first contact, and Bakanov, and Shafir stopped responding to messages.

2 may 2019. Parnas – Bakanova: Ivan good afternoon, we need to Make this call if you are on vacation please connect someone there who is close to President Vladimir who I can call on my number I put Giuliani thanks waiting

Bakanov: Leo, good evening! I gave this information to You on a fixed channel, Mr. President, but have not yet received confirmation. Yeah, I’m not currently in Ukraine, but as soon as I get some feedback I will leave with you on communication.

May 11. Parnas – Shapiro: Good evening my name is Sergey Lev Parnas I’m a friend of mayor Rudy Giuliani please give me a call thanks […] This is a copy of the letter transmitted via Avakov about the meeting

In a letter to Rudolph Giuliani Zelensky asks about the person. Sefer Parnassus and meet in the restaurant “Prague”, after American several times wondered whether some information, but Shafir stops responding to his messages.