The football player of “Karpaty” of Dubinchuk a roll of toilet paper sent to your girlfriend knockout video

Defender Lviv “Karpaty” Vladislav Dubinchuk took over the new challenge, “Stay home”. The player demonstrated his technique, but in the end got curious paper to his girlfriend in the head.

Now being distributed on the Internet a new challenge, “Stay at home”, where athletes and not only they, juggling a roll of toilet paper. It is a call to people without the need not to leave their homes during a pandemic coronavirus.

Vladislav Dubinchuk received the baton from player of Zorya Luhansk Bogdan Ledneva. Defender “Dynamo”, which is in rent in Lviv club immediately responded to this call, but something went wrong footballer.

Dubinchuk masterfully juggled toilet paper, but in the end got to the head of the girl, who was there.

Funny video player shared on his Instagram.

Take care of your girls
– ironically said the footballer.

Dubinchuk gave a call to “kurpatovym” Artem Kozak, Egor Nazareno and one of his friends.

Add that the players accept this challenge in their own way, stuffing the toilet paper racket. Gymnasts made up the original campaign for the products in the store getting everything we needed from the shelves foot.

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