The foreign Ministers of the countries “Big seven” urged Russia to open the Strait of Kerch for Ukrainian ships

Главы МИД стран "Большой семерки" призвали Россию открыть Керченский пролив для украинских судов

And to release prisoners of war sailors who were arrested in Moscow.

The foreign Ministers of the countries “Big seven” urged Russia not to hinder passage through the Kerch Strait and to release prisoners of war of Ukrainian sailors. A statement published in the communiqué of the G7.

“Russia for its actions violate international law. We are concerned about the actions of Russia against Ukraine in the Kerch Strait and the surrounding waters that are dangerously increased voltage. It is impossible to justify the use of military force by Russia against the Ukrainian ships and sailors”, – the document says.

The foreign Ministers of the G7 countries also urged to avoid further escalation of the situation.

“We call on Russia to release detained members of the crews and vessels and to refrain from obstructing the legitimate passage of ships through the Kerch Strait,” – said the foreign Ministers of G7.

We will remind, on November 25, 2018 frontier of the Russian Federation ships attacked and captured three ships of the Ukrainian Navy two armored and tug and crew boats in the composition 24. The sailors were arrested and taken to Moscow where they are now under arrest. The court of Moscow has appointed to all the sailors psychiatric examination. Ukrainians are accused of illegal crossing of the Russian border, while ships have made a planned transition from Odessa to Mariupol.