The foreign Ministry had not received an invitation from Russia to participate Zelensky in the may 9 parade in Moscow – Pristayko

МИД не получал приглашения от России для участия Зеленского в параде 9 мая в Москве - Пристайко

The Minister said that the Ukrainian side is not going to participate in the parade in Moscow to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Second world war.

The Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko said that the foreign Ministry had not received an invitation from the Russian Federation on the participation of President Vladimir Zelensky in the may 9 parade in Moscow.

The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs said in an interview on the TV channel “Ukraine is 24”.

To the question about the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, if Ukraine has sent an invitation to participate in the parade in Moscow may 9, Pristayko said: “the Invitation did not come. This is the first. It is, of course, will come through diplomatic channels. We have not received. We would gave the President Zelensky, if they were received”.

However, he said, do not be surprised if the Russians according to certain political reasons, “throw that thing”.

“And they often do. For example, they merry Christmas, as if nothing had happened, and these lost souls are not going against all of the morals and ideas”, – stressed the Minister.

“And I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. But our position remains what it is: no, we’re not going to celebrate on may 9 (in Moscow – UNIAN), we, like the entire European continent, 75 years old, and ready to understand why the tragedy occurred, and willing each other to forgive. We believe that this way should go to the celebration. It should be celebrating the fact that finally the continent is in the last 75 years, not counting our six years of war, in the relative world,” said the Minister.

He added: “We even called our conflict is the last war on the European continent. We would like to believe that this will be the last war, we kind of have outgrown to take each other’s territory and to kill EN masse, just the troops for the troops”.

27 Jan Zelensky, jointly with the President of Poland Andrzej Duda a press conference in Auschwitz said that only the solidarity of the international community can repulse any aggression and to protect mankind from further suffering. “Poland and the Polish people were the first to feel the effects of the conspiracy of totalitarian regimes. This led to the outbreak of the Second world war allowed the Nazis to launch deadly flywheel of the Holocaust. Today, all democratic States should combine their efforts. Europe and the world have no right to remain silent, as it was in 1939 not eligible for indifference and inaction,” said Zelensky.

29 January 2020, the Kremlin said that will clarify whether Zelensky sent an invitation to the may 9 parade in Moscow.

At the same time, 17 February the co-Chairman of the faction “the Opposition platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich proposed to establish a parliamentary delegation to participate in the parade in Moscow, dedicated to victory Day.

In this regard, the Deputy Chairman of the faction “the Voice” Yaroslav Zheleznyak suggested that MPs who intend to go to the parade on the occasion of victory Day in Moscow, buy a one way ticket.