The foreign Ministry has identified the countries that are most interested in concerning the export of products

МИД определил страны, которые больше всего интересуют относительно экспорта продукции

The Ministry of foreign Affairs conducted a survey of Ukrainian Industrialists and identified the countries that most interest them concerning the export of products.

“We are working not on imposing their own vision of the world and Ukrainian business, and first of all I want to hear your business needs, where he wants to go and where he needs our support. To this end, we conducted a survey of Ukrainian exporters, Industrialists, what regions they are most interested in for exports. Today I focus exactly on promyslovyh, because there is still a huge agricultural unit, but the Ukrainian industry requires extra attention, extra support and we are within our capabilities, the Ministry of foreign Affairs, I want to provide this support,” – said Kuleba.

The Minister announced the top 10 countries that represent the interests of Ukrainian industry. Kuleba noted that these countries “will be the focus of our attention, we will help the Ukrainian business, the Ukrainian industrial products to enter the markets of these countries”.

“This is the list of ten countries which are often mentioned in the responses of Ukrainian business. So, is Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Latin America, China, Australia, South Africa, ASEAN countries, Turkey and Bangladesh. It was a very rewarding experience – to hear the business, we’ve discovered some areas that without the voice of business I do not pay to themselves attention, and will continue to work with the Ukrainian exporters”, – said the Minister.

Kuleba drew attention that this list is not a ranking and is not built on the principle from highest attention to lowest.

The Minister also assured that the foreign Ministry is involved in supporting Ukrainian exporters on a permanent basis.

“This is one of my key priorities is the promotion of Ukrainian exports abroad and attracting investments to Ukraine. The only way we can help our economy in a recession caused by koronakatu. The only way we can expand our political position in those countries which will increase Ukrainian exports and which will receive investments. We do it all, in the end, for the well-being of the Ukrainian state and Ukrainian citizens, because investment in Ukraine, and increasing exports from Ukraine, in the end, lead to more jobs in Ukraine, increase of salaries and increase in deductions to the state budget,” – said Kuleba.

In addition, he said that before the Council of exporters and investors under the MFA, which continue to actively develop, now included among 14 other leading Ukrainian industrial large companies-exporters. In the framework of the Council of exporters established three subgroups of metallurgical industry, mechanical engineering, specexport.