The foreign Ministry received a list of detainees Belarus militants “PMC Wagner”

МИД получил список задержанных Беларусью боевиков "ЧВК Вагнера"

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine received a list of detainees in Belarus, fighters of the private military company of Wagner and transmit this document to the competent authorities for checks on the persons committing these crimes in Ukraine and participation in hostilities.

This was announced by the foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba in an online briefing on Friday, UKRINFORM correspondent reported.

“The list of detainees the citizens of Belarus and foreign Ministry of Belarus has addressed to us with a request to transmit said document to the competent authorities of Ukraine to verify the Commission of the crimes in our country and participation in hostilities. I want to emphasize that the question is not only how many Ukrainians there and who they are, and the question more broadly. Also really important to determine who of the participants of this list have participated in hostilities on the side of the occupying forces, illegal armed groups, and, indeed, whether they are involved in Commission of certain crimes, ” – said Kuleba.

The foreign Minister is not yet able to answer, how many Ukrainian citizens among those detained by the Belarus fighters. However, Kuleba said that their “not seven.”

“But we need to check the entire list, as there can be different situations – for example, someone in detention introduced himself and showed the documents of the citizen of Ukraine and who is the citizen of Russia, but this does not exclude that this person can also be a passport of Ukraine. Let me remind you that in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, we do not recognize the second citizenship, and for us, these people will be citizens of Ukraine. So on the list, each individually need to go and study in perfection the legal status of each person, and then we can move on to more specifics, ” – said the Minister.

Kuleba reminded that the Ukrainian competent authorities “already actively working on this issue” and, in his opinion, “further steps will not keep you waiting.”

“I would like to stress that Ukraine has always supported Belarus has always been a reliable neighbor. And we support the independence, sovereignty and stability in this friendly country, ” – said the Minister.

Kuleba also said that yesterday, July 30, charge d’affaires of Ukraine in the Republic of Belarus was invited to the Belarusian foreign Ministry.

“He met with the foreign Minister, my counterpart Vladimir Makei. The conversation was normal, in the Ukraine some of the charges sounded ” – said Kuleba.

Therefore, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko held an emergency meeting with members of the security Council of the country.

Private army “Wagner” associated with the businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, known as “Putin’s cook”. The soldiers of “Wagner” participated in the war in Donbass and Syria.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine noted that the identification and detention of mercenaries by the Russian private company, “Wagner” near Minsk confirms that they are used in different countries, and they pose a threat.

In the office of the President said that Ukraine will insist on the extradition of the militants of the private military company “Wagner” detained in Belarus and will appeal to the Belarusian side with the corresponding petition in compliance with all procedures.