The foreigner tried to cross the border in the form of Ukrainian border guards

Иностранец пытался пересечь границу в форме украинского пограничника

Border guard officers found a “colleague”, which went to the border with Poland. During the search he also found a package with a substance similar to a drug.

In the Lviv region border guards detained a foreigner who tried to illegally enter Poland to the Ukrainian border guard camouflage. On Friday, July 24, the press service of the gpsu.

“Yesterday, during a patrol of a section of the Department of Rava-Russian outfit border guards found the man in a similar to their camouflage. The border guards of Lviv detachment went to check out this “colleague” slowly goes in the direction of Poland. The man was a citizen of Latvia. Says camouflage clothing was presented to him by a girl-Ukrainian. Attempting to use a gift to his beloved, in order to circumvent the checkpoint failed”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that at the man the guards have issued the administrative Protocol for the attempt of illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine.

In addition, during the inspection of the offender was found a packet of gray-green substance, as reported to the police for response.