The former editor of ZIK told how he had been forbidden to show the protests on the Maidan

Бывший редактор ZIK рассказал, как ему запрещали показывать протесты на Майдане

Employees of the TV station ZIK, who bought ally and business partner of one of the leaders of “the Opposition platform For life” (opsi) Victor Medvedchuk Taras Kozak, forbidden to cover a protest rally on Independence square in Kiev against the registration of candidates in people’s deputies of the head of Administration of President Yanukovych Andriy Klyuyev and blogger Anatoly Sharia. On 4 July, said the former editor of ZIK Igor Krymov, the TV channel ATR, reports Gordon.

According to the artist, the new top management of the TV channel did not explain why it is impossible to show one or the other information. Rally against Sharia and Klyuev took place in Kiev on 2 July.

“We have a live chat, which communicate with presenters, editors, producing. The chief editor wrote a short message: “Sharia is not necessary.” I understand that it is socially important information, and I had the opportunity to illustrate. Moreover, in the Studio at this point the topic was discussed. Guests – MPs and politicians themselves have touched on this topic. And I was just doing my job,” – said Krymov.

According to him, in the third minute broadcast in a hardware-Studio block ran the chief editor Daria gordiyko and ordered not to show what is happening on the Maidan. The Directors were forced to obey direct verbal instructions of the supervisor and stopped the stream.

“After 11 minutes at the end of the program she’s in the messenger wrote: “Igor, thanks for the work, but tomorrow is already the new editor,” – said Krymov.

He added that last week he wrote a letter of resignation, but continued to perform duties as “day to day” it could not dismiss. After the announcement of gordiiko he was suspended.

Krymov said that the new chief editor came after Kozak was the ultimate beneficiary of the channel.

On 14 June it became known that the family of the Lviv businessman Peter Damanskogo sold Kozak TV channel ZIK. The MP said that on the basis of the channels that it has, will create the media holding “news”.

After the announcement of the change of ownership with the ZIK started to quit top-managers and journalists. Resignation from the channel, in particular, said the General Director of holding Igor Turkevich, journalists Olga Movchan, Vakhtang Kipiani, Tatiana Vergeles, Sergey Rakhmanin, the novel Nedzelsky, Tatiana Danilenko.

Ukrainian journalists urged the country’s leaders and law enforcement to prevent the use of the Ukrainian TV channels for the promotion of Pro-Kremlin propaganda and creeping occupation of media space by Russia. This is stated in the statement which has been made by former employees of the TV channel ZIK.