The former goalkeeper of FC Karpaty Martysuk told how the team played on a contractual match with “Metalist”

Экс-голкипер "Карпат" Мартыщук рассказал, как команда сыграла договорной матч с "Металлистом"

The former goalkeeper of the Carpathians ” Yuri Martysuk spoke about a contractual match “Metalist” – “Karpaty”, which took place on 19 April 2008. The game ended with the victory of Kharkiv 4:0 but the match was later recognized by the Treaty. Then Metalist is deprived of the bronze medals of the championship.

The details of this match and agreements Yuri Martysuk told in the program “Big football”. Спорт24 quoted the former goalkeeper of FC Karpaty in full.

“I live with this for 11 years and those 11 years, I guess no one knows how I feel and what’s in it for me. I feel like I dragged some extra weight. Some weight. Not physical but mental. It’s important for me to finish.

It was a base of FC “Karpaty”. We were going before training. I was in the room, it was 2 days before the match. Comes nick Ishchenko to my room, at that time I was with Chudobiak, we lived together and we were together in the room. And he says (his words): “There is an option to surrender the game. Over 110 thousand dollars. Every player in the starting lineup which will be released, will receive 10 thousand dollars.” Then he gives his word to us. I answer first. And say: “I in such games do not play.” This question was closed. Igor Khudobyak in me also says he will not take. Then Kolya’s words emphasize, Kolya’s words: “if at least one player not losing the game, the team to take the game will not be!” And he leaves the room.

As they brought the money and who bring them. I don’t know, because I have not seen the money.
Ishchenko goes the other direction, he assembles a team, the backbone. And they agree to take the game. Including Igor Khudobyak was also in front of me and said that not losing the game. But he was willing to continue to play. The only player, who never told, it was Taras Petrovsky. He did not say that the game pass. All the other 17 people knew. Then. We came to Kharkov. I have an idea that could be or may not be. And nick Ishchenko comes to me the day before the game. I then in the main part, knew what he was going to play. And I’m worried. He said, “no the game will not take. We go out and play and fight”.

Lashenkov in their scoring, plus a red card. The kid worked to complete the program his “top ten.”

The game takes place in such a way that after a period I see that still game pass. As I see it: we lost 2:0, and I noticed Ishchenko and Lisenkova, they laugh, they smile. We lost, and they smile. The second time, I have tears in my eyes broke. But I could not change.

Then we came to the training camp in Hungary and began training. Came Peter Dyminsky, and called the team to themselves. This backbone, which took part, the President called me into the room. He played us the audio recording, where were the words Lisenkova about the change. Then he told us to write explanatory notes.

After we left, the team once again gathered without guidance. So we talked. Remember that the guys refused to write explanatory, and I have raised the fur fly. “Guys, you know that I do not play passed and no money did not take. You have to tell it.” Me after this the club had not been touched. But I had an eighteen month contract. Of course, Peter didn’t like the pier as it Martysuk not passed, and played the game? That is, everything is on the bait on the hook. And Martysuk no.

I took the position not to speak. And I was silent. Unfortunately, this position was bad for me, losing. And I now really regret. A thousand times regretted that I didn’t tell the truth.

At the time when it was the decision of the FTC FFU (fine – 10 thousand dollars – approx.) we have not been paid. I have not received the money. For me it was problematic.

I could not attend the championship I said, well, we’re not bragging. And then I turned to all the players. It was Vasyl Kobin, who said, “Yura, what do you need amount of money.” Question – 10 thousand dollars, so I could continue to play football because the Federation I was forbidden. And they went to a meeting of the FFU, and told in installments to pay the money. And Vasyl Kobin from listed 2 thousand dollars. Igor Khudobyak $ 1,000. And I still had 7 thousand, but nick Ishchenko immediately turned me down. I’m calling to the stake, saying “if you guys chipped in, now it’s your turn”. He said to me: “Go on**th”.

I had a matter of principle. I did not take the money, and I’m not going to pay the money. If I could turn back time, I would definitely would not be standing on the sidelines. I’d tell you. I would, before they would close.

I was tormented by this story. Because I did not take the money. I wish they just said that Martysuk not gave up the game. They must find the strength to admit it, because I live with it”.

Recall, August 2, 2013, the CAS acknowledged the match “Metalist” – “Karpaty”, which was held on 19 April 2008 and ended with the victory of Kharkiv team with the score 4:0, negotiable. Clubs ordered to pay 25 thousand dollar fine. Of the teams took 9 points, but Metalist is deprived of the bronze medals in the 2007/2008 season. Then Eugene Krasnikov forced to pay a fine in the amount of 10 thousand dollars. He was forbidden to engage in any activity connected with football within 5 years.

The players Wheat, Ishchenko, Kobin, Fedoriv, Nalepa banned to play football professionally for 3 years with an additional probation period of 2 years, as well as the penalties in the amount of 10 thousand dollars. For the football player Sergey Lysenkova banned to play football professionally for 5 years, and penalties in the amount of 10 thousand dollars.

Regarding the players been booked, Kozhanov, Martyshka, osypka, Feduca, Khudobyak, Holoduke, Godwin, Genua, Zeneva, Kopolovets, Petrovsky, Tkachuk, who also participated in the said match, but not appealed to CAS, the decision of AK FFU upheld: penalties in the amount from 5 thousand to 10 thousand dollars and a conditional disqualification for three years with a probation period of 2 years.