The former maid of Michael Jackson hesitated, if he had sex with the daughter of Elvis Presley

Экс-горничная Майкла Джексона засомневались, был ли у него секс с дочерью Элвиса Пресли

A worker of the late Michael Jackson Adrian McManus in a new interview with The Sun shared that sexy fun of the king of pop was fictitious.

After the acclaimed release of the film “Leaving Neverland” (Neverland Leaving) about suspicions of Michael Jackson’s pedophilia many fans wondered about the true feelings between him and his former women. In particular it concerns the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie.

The maid of Michael Jackson, who worked his a period of time, told about the interesting details of his personal life. The artist seemed specially picked up anything of his wife to create the illusion that between them was erupting.

Экс-горничная Майкла Джексона засомневались, был ли у него секс с дочерью Элвиса Пресли

Michael Jackson and Lisa-Maria / Metro

When they did, I went into his bedroom, and his Comforter smelled like women’s perfume. It was unusual. When I started cleaning, I saw a white sexy lace bra left under the bed, as if on purpose. It all looked so rigged, right, because it’s never happened before. Of course, there were his briefs, shirt and pants, but there’s never been anything that belongs to women,
recalls Adrian.

Former maid added that Michael never kissed Lisa in her presence, moreover – daughter Presley never stayed for the night at the singer’s house, even when I was married.

But it is known that the ex-girlfriend of Jackson often boasted to their friends and reporters that they have with the artist was a tumultuous love life, but noted that never saw Michael without makeup, even in bed.

What is known about the marriage of Michael Jackson and daughter of Elvis?Many media believe that the marriage of the two stars was a sham, because in this way Michael Jackson wanted to rehabilitate themselves after allegations of sexual harassment. They were married in 1994 in the Dominican Republic, but after a crazy publicity they divorced in January 1996. Children they had.